Richard L. Gabler

As Interviewed by Max Henneke
"Although I was totally disabled for at least the last 22 years, I was not granted total disability compensation until about 3 months ago."
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Courtney C.

As Interviewed by Callier C.
"It’s like smelling really bad, and you can smell yourself. You can’t do anything about it, but you’re aware that everyone thinks you reek. That’s what it is like when you’re battling, and you can’t stop talking, and your thoughts come really, really fast, and you’re impulsive, and you have a temper, and you’re irritable. It’s like having a really bad smell."
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Cynthia Michener

As Interviewed by Erin T.
"They were very wrong. I only understood what the teacher was saying when facing us."
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Veronica Castro De Barrera

As Interviewed by Bonnie Adams
"Little by little I was able to build beautiful friendships and I was enrolled in a class called ‘English as a second language’, which was a safe haven for all the immigrates and foreign language students who were participating in this class. So we become almost like an extended family in that class and that was beautiful years.."
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As Interviewed by Sarah B.
"A lot of things that people say the first time they meet Morgan is; 'What's wrong with her?'"
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George B.

As Interviewed by Zac Zalles
"I couldn't do a lot of things my friends and brother could do just because I was physically limited. I could do some things and I couldn't do others, but that was the basic issue."
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Steve Elliott

As Interviewed by Simon Barrera
"It gives me a lot of perspective, as I said before, when you see the poverty that other people are facing, and their hardships. It makes you so much more appreciative of the situation you have."
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Ramsey W.

As Interviewed by Tai Hoang
"I wasn’t good with authority. I wasn’t violent, but I was angry and loud all the time. Mostly you just couldn’t believe a word I said. I think I’m different today."
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Christine S.

As Interviewed by Eric S.
"To get a good assessment for a subtle disability, one that doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb, you have to have an outside party."
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Dr. Martin E. Berger

As Interviewed By Mathilda Nicot-Cartsonis
"She’s been in a wheelchair since she was four years-old. That was kind of a powerful thing, a hard thing to deal with."
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Lauren U.

As Interviewed by Zoe W.
"But when it’s my turn to be the target for the day, people always stand up. And when they’re not, like when I’m eating in the courtyard and someone from that class [isn't] there, I have to defend myself."
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Donald Harnden

As Interviewed by Isabelle Dickey
"Two things have inspired me, and that is just working with people who have the problem and seeing what a little bit of help can make a huge difference"
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Jennifer Peña

M. W.
"In a situation where I think they should be safe and treated properly such as an environment like school, they are sometimes being mistreated."
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Stephanie Thomas

Jackson Akin
"I think that one thing that is important is that people feel they have a right to be there and the right to participate. If everyone has that attitude it will be likely that we can work out any problems that are there, whatever they might be."
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Patrick Kinney

As Interviewed by Haley T.
"We wanted her to go to Santa Cruz High, and they’re supposed to accommodate her, but instead they were going to put her in a trailer in the asphalt parking lot behind the school."
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Don and Jo Rettberg

As Interviewed by Julia Bradley
"It was really an eye opener that if you worked hard enough, and had a cause that was worth working for, something could be done."
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Mikail Davenport

As Interviewed by Alana Raper
"...I was very fortunate I was only paralyzed on my left leg."
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Eric Nietubicz

As Interviewed by Jacob R.
"I was known in my high school as the theater guy, but then all the sudden, I was also the dyslexic kid."
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Stephanie Thomas

As Interviewed by Maya Lawrence
"Each one of us is just one accident away from being disabled."
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Tim Wheat

As Interviewed by Noah Savage
"One of the things that has been oppressive about people with disabilities law is that people think of them as patients, and not people."
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