Hal Sirowitz

As Interviewed by Finn Uyeki
"I have to be careful of my balance when I walk. I have a battery in my chest I have to recharge twice a week that is connected to chips in my brain. I can’t forget to take my medicine."
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Nancy K. Shugart

As Interviewed by Erik Atwell
"If you are willing to work hard, don't let anyone talk you out of going after what you want to do in life."
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Sue Vaughan

As Interviewed by Matthew Plummer
"I have had several very proud moments where he has been the voice of reason of all things. He’s been the one that came up with the answer, he can say that something is very simple. He can find the way through the darkest tunnel, where something could have been very complicated for anyone else."
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Noelle Bell

As Interviewed by Pablo Kennedy
"People do not treat me how I should be treated. They can be patronizing, and speak to me in a very exaggerated manner as if I were mentally challenged, which I'm not. I should be treated as an adult, and respected in that manner."
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Beth Hartman

As Interviewed by Maddy Havranek
"We’re laughing, and if you can’t laugh about some of the crazy stuff that happens in our house, what can you laugh about?"
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Joe Ploeger, Tim Rarus, and Dr. Patti Singleton

As Interviewed by Jacob P.
"DPN was our chant."
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Lora Netherland

As Interviewed by Joanna M.
"Years ago, the students that are in my classroom would really be in institutions. We’ve come a long way."
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Don L. Davis

As Interviewed by Audrey Davis
"Our contention was simply that it was a medical problem. He was not a criminal, he was an alcoholic. He was addicted, and that was a medical condition that should be handled in the medical arena and not the criminal arena. "
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David Fryrear

As Interviewed by Lily Gannon
"I have to keep a positive attitude, that's the only way I can get through each day."
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Donald F.

As Interviewed by Jack F.
"She was one of the best people I've ever met."
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Jane Smith

As Interviewed by Asa Brown
"The other people look at him and think, 'What is that parent and child doing and why are they doing it?'"
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Lindsey Gaddis Kucsera

As Interviewed by Sierra Moran
"I think there are pretty much only advantages to integration with public schools so children can gain real world experience. It’s really great, and I can’t think of any disabilities to integration. "
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Rona Statman

As Interviewed By Cassidy Dreyfus
"When I first came to Texas we had a lot of people in state institutions, and so it was kind of out of sight out of mind mentality... there’s a lot less people living there. And so that’s one of the things ARC has always wanted to accomplish."
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Bryan McCarthy

As Interviewed by E. L.
"My partner committed suicide May 5th, 2010, and that certainly moved me to work on behalf of the veterans..."
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Stephanie Thomas

As Interviewed by Avi H
"We decided what we wanted to do was to fight so that more people [with disabilities] had the opportunity to live in the community, and they wouldn’t have to be stuck in nursing homes. "
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Archer Hadley

As Interviewed by Zach Ward
"Being disabled in the community is like everything else – a blessing and a curse – because you get to open up normal functioning people’s lives to what other peoples’ world is like, other people’s life is like."
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Leticia Mclelland

As Interviewed by Sten Evans
"Because school was so horrible for me, I was so humiliated and it was just so hard. And what I know now is it doesn’t have to be that way for other kids."
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