Audrey McCann

As Interviewed by Savannah Riddles
"I did and still feel like I'm not one hundred percent part of the family because I can hear."
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Alison Guckenberger

As interviewed by George Guckenberger
"I never really thought that people were different, based on their outside, I’ve always tried to look at people on the inside, and help people "
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Henry Rodriguez

As Interviewed by Anna M.
"Well I guess we are reaching her."
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Joe Fischer

As Interviewed by East Hoelscher
"Where there's a will there's a way."
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Iram "J" Leon

A survivor of hardship.
"The way it was explained to me was that your brain is kind of like your body so if you lose a leg its kind of going to be inconvenient but odds are as long as you move at the right accessory but the thing is that it isn't going to affect your lifespan but that someone has a whole lot less space."
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Rick Flores

As Interviewed by Ryan Noser
"We all have our disabilities - and it is just a matter of how you deal with it, how do you cope with it, and how do you work around it, and what do you make of it."
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Pooja Mulgaonkar

Swati Y.
"Not only in United States but also in India, there has been tremendous progress, awareness, and a lot of new programs have started."
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Sarah Eller

As Interviewed by Jamie Dawson
"I learn how to see things in other people’s perspectives, and really kind of think through where people are and what they’re going through and how it affects them, and that affects how you deal with other people."
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Kimberly Upchurch

As Interviewed by Amanda Eller
"I feel that I’m able to look at all the blessings in my life, and see that the challenges that we face aren’t as great as other people."
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Maureen M

As Interviewed by Emma M
"I don’t wish for him to have this life, but there’s nothing I can do about it. When he was young I could give him a really fun life... But as he gets older, there’s less and less that I can do with him. I see his world getting smaller."
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Jennifer Bengtson

As interviewed by Courtney B.
"I think that you should be happy or not freak out if you have a baby with Down syndrome and that you shouldn’t compare children because they’re all gifts from God."
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Barbara Boyden

As Interviewed by Gwyneth Boyden
"One of the puppets was in a wheelchair, one of them had a learning disability, and one of them was blind."
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Cindy B. Sanders

As Interviewed by Karel T.
"I learned from my kids to accept everybody for who they are and to pass on the love. Pass it forward."
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Ileah Kirkim Rasnick

As interviewed by Brenden Zimmerman
"It really puts your own life into perspective."
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Nicki Boyte

As Interviewed by John Hearn
"Everybody says, “If I was disabled, I would just want to just go kill myself.” Well, no, you wouldn’t. You'd get depressed, and you'd feel sorry for yourself, but then the will to survive would kick in... I know no other way. I don’t have that choice. Or, I don’t want that choice; and I am who I am."
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Kacey Schmitt

As interviewed by Maggie Bisone
"The only way that people can really understand each other is just to get to know each other."
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Anne P. Wilson

As interviewed by David wilson
"You’re trying to make sure your child is getting all the care she needs. With a special needs child, you’re just fighting a little harder, and trying to keep on top of everything. "
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Nelson Mock

As Interviewed by Jeremy M.
"The Fair Housing Act was intended to stop discrimination, but it was also intended to promote a diverse and inclusive community. I don't think we are anywhere near that yet."
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Veronica Cruz

As Interviewed by Yaneli Figueroa
"You have to be willing to change -- if you have the mind to change, then everything is possible."
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Ofelia Zapata

As interviewed by Zachary Walgren
"Eventually, I couldn’t see anymore. I couldn’t read my papers; I couldn’t dictate letters. I just couldn’t do my job. My boss caught on, seeing all of my mistakes, and she was going to fire me."
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Conrad Klahn

As Interviewed by: David P
"Social injustice to me is people that have never had opportunities because society is designed such that they don't get the opportunities"
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