As Interviewed by WA
"People... want to be involved in... the destruction of the mental health stigma."
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Roy Benavidez

As interviewed by Jake T
"Our society tends to mistreat or assume that people with disabilities are lesser than people without disabilities. We as humans have civil rights, equally."
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Jasmine Gaynier

As interviewed by Jasmine Gaynier
""If you see the world standing up, and you’re talking to someone who sees the world sitting down, they’re seeing things you don’t see. You better listen to them." "
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Scott Urbach

As Interviewed by Audrey Urbach
"I think people take them for - take it for granted that they’re not regular people and therefore they tend to superficially interact with them. So they might treat them like, just like people you can’t have a regular conversation with, and that’s a big mistake."
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Christen Carrigan

As Interviewed by Hannah L.
"A lot of kids don't get that education in the beginning, and they don't feel like they can do everything that they want to do."
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Natalie Kennedy

As Interviewed by Piers Powell
"We have been very blessed by the number of people who, obviously something that's different about Lance"
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Michelle Lewis

As Interviewed by Adeline L.
"The issues and the problems that people with disabilities really run into is more of... almost like an obliviousness."
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