Diana Kropka

As Interviewed by Alexis Pool
"It was the size of a twin mattress, five feet tall post, all the way around it, and it was a cage."
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Barry Metzger

As Interviewed By Lucy M.
"Unfortunately people don’t abide by the rules and the laws."
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Rene Craft

As Interviewed by Elena B.
"One time we were swimming in a public pool, and a man said, ‘I don't want your weirdo kid to play with my children. Get away from us.’"
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James Velde Hiroyuki Uyeki

As Interviewed by Oliver Uyeki
"Its not just that I didn't know I had it, but that other people didn't know about it."
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Bonnie Barrera

As Interviewed by Alli Ekrot
"We could not go in the courthouse, ‘cause it was all steps. And I stood there; looking at the steps, with my son in our wheelchair, and thinking, 'I can’t go in that building!'"
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Elaine Gutierrez

As Interviewed by Kyra K.
"I'm glad that we've got organizations now that are educating us and there's more awareness about autism now -- because I never really paid attention to it until my child was diagnosed with Asperger's."
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Bonnie Durkee

As Interviewed by Kristin S
"We are all part of the Island of Misfit Toys. We are all exceptional in our own ways."
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