Betty Steuer

As Interviewed by Milo Kevorkian
"That’s when they started dealing with that, and that’s when Public Law 94 - 142 came in. That said everybody has the right to a public education."
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Kathleen McAlvany

As Interviewed by Diya Patel
"Your circumstances shouldn't hold you back. We can decide every morning what kind of day we're gonna have."
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Miraci Hipolito da Costa e Silva

As Interviewed by Betina Yama
"It’s hard to believe but for the glory of God, people see me in a way as if I don’t have a wheelchair, and that I help people."
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McKenna Carr

As Interviewed by Neha Gundubogula
"It’s not so much about doing the thing that everybody thinks and cheers you on for, but doing the thing you know is right."
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Mark Zupan

As Interviewed By Fiona R.
"One of my best friends in the world, he’s responsible just for me still being alive, still being who I am."
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Jacquie Benstante

As Interviewed by Daniel Balic
"There are some people that don’t realize that people with autism can talk and can be very intelligent. There are just a lot of misconceptions about Autism."
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Stephanie Thomas

As Interviewed by Bo Wang
"That's a big part of what we are trying to do -- not just take no for an answer."
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Meredith Word

As interviewed by Emily Word
"You can't bubble him his whole life cause that's no the real world."
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Vicki L Rees

As Interviewed by Cooper R-E
"Some of these parents would do 'doctor shopping' because they would want to get a doctor that would just medicate their child so they could come home."
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Marjorie Heaton

As Interviewed by Che Brown
"We always held our breaths when each legislature convened because we wondered if there was a bill that would call for the closure of the center."
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