Dr. Toan Leung

As interviewed by Anika Patel
"I still remember the local people had big swords, knifes and guns. This is an escape. If you get caught they'll put you in jail. "
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Brant Pelphrey

As Interviewed by Nathaniel Enis
"We had nine refugees living there. They were there secretly...it turned out that one of those nine was a spy."
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Enrique Hazel

As interviewed by Adrian Popps
"We would have guests come over and we would say you can’t come out."
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The K. Family

As Interviewed by Nour Zoweil
"They came up to her and they were like, 'You have to take your hijab off or you go back home and you do not go outside anymore.' And then we never went out again with her and my mom."
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