Zoe Jones

As interviewed by Tiffany Pham
"It hit me on a personal level that I could've known somebody who was immediately affected by 9/11."
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Elizabeth Mary Regan

by Eleanor Barrett
"And after you finish talking to this sixteen-year-old, you think ‘oh my god, she’s running this family’."
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Brian O'Neil

As interviewed by Evan O'Neil
"It's one thing to see it on television but it is quite another thing to see it in person."
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James Debth

As interview by Eunhyo Mah
"It changed everyone's life. You were thinking you were going one direction and all of a sudden you're doing something different."
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Craig Durr

As interviewed by Amelia Durr
"All the sudden all those sirens became very focused in my mind, I could hear them all. "
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Rachel Grabel

As Interviewed by Nell Kaminski
"We think he came from a home where he was abused, and he had a lot of separation anxiety so it was hard to leave him at home alone. But just getting him into a house, it was amazing how much he grew."
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John Johnston

As Interviewed by Gavin Firestone
"By the time I was in middle school, it was pretty clear to me that some people didn’t have the opportunities other people had."
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Don Sunukjian

As Interviewed by Joseph Sunukjian
"The country had been abandoned by the Soviet Union, and was very poor."
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Khurshid Anwar Arfi

As Interviewed by Ayan Arfi
"I learned from experience that you should not keep quiet and ignore such things, they should be condemned alright, but to counter it in a perfecting manner, it was an effective measure to discourage hate."
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Erin Martinson

As Interviewed By Caroline Crosnoe
"I'm motivated by the injustices that I see in our society, the patriarchal undertones of our society and how women often don't have a voice."
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Dan Levine

As Interviewed by Marianna P
"Think about your own experience living in the house you live in. You always know that you’re going to be able to come home to the same house every night. Stability, for adults and kids. Just to have a safe place that they know is home."
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Scott Lee

As Interviewed by Isaac R.
"People see me and they think that I am a Chinese tourist getting off one of those giant buses from China, not thinking that I'm an American or that I speak English, or that I grew up here."
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Karl Fickenscher

As Interviewed by Alice S.
"The struggle for human rights, for human dignity is constant and it needs to be reinvented every generation, it has to be defended every generation. "
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Monica C.

Adele B.
"In hindsight... that kind of sticks in my mind is how discrimination is universal."
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Doug Kilday

As Interviewed by Lincoln Kilday
"My work was really just to assist the lawyers in the office."
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Anish Vergis

As Interviewed by Nitya V.
"I was never used to a country that would treat different citizens of different countries in a varied way..."
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Caprice Pierucci

As interviewed by Bella B.
"I always think of art as being something that is between your hands, your mind, and your heart, like writing a journal: Hands... Mind... Heart.... There's a connection. When you're using hands, it's easier to be in touch."
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Emiliana Lapina

As interviewed by Marcus Lapina
"They justified these acts as ways to maintain peace and order. Truth is, many people were terrified of them. "
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As Interviewed by Yahania M.
"I believe I am capable of doing any job as long as I try my best."
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Guadalupe Jimenez

As Interviewed by E.S.
"If our city would have been safe and if it would have been a good place to live in, we wouldn't have immigrated here."
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Norma Rodriguez

As Interviewed by Mario Bellavia
"We were told that we could not go into the pool... We were only allowed to go on Thursdays... Of course Thursdays was the day that the water was the dirtiest."
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Juanita Flores Smith

As Interviewed by Mateo Rives
"You feel discriminated and completely out of place when your culture or your language is not welcomed."
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Susan Siegal

As Interviewed by Gabriel Syed
"You never have a complete view of history. You have a snapshot of history. The question is, through that snapshot, can you prove your case?"
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Sandra González

As Interviewed by F.T.
"At Mexico, I used to read newspapers about men abusing women and that made me sad, but that gave me the strength to talk to my dad and ask him to stop. "
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Ilan Levin

As Interviewed by Cassidy Levin
"Everyone I knew was aware that it was wrong to have a system of government, like the haves and the have nots were based on the color of your skin."
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