Ruby Baddour

As Interviewed by Sofia M.
"If we want to live in a society, we should be willing to sacrifice ourselves for whoever needs our help."
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Tuyen V. Nguyen

As Interviewed By Deborah N.
"I’m really thankful for America. Especially if you are born here, sometimes you take the things you have here for granted, and you don’t appreciate what a great country you have. So it’s worth keeping the freedom you have and worth fighting for it."
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Ravindra Suduwadewage

As Interviewed by Avishka S.
"It was a miracle that I was in the next passenger car to the one that exploded. It was my life's luck, or I would have been dead too."
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Anh Thomas

As Interviewed by Michael Martinez
"Since there were military police all around trying to capture men leaving the country, he had to dress up like an old woman. He carried my 18-month-old sister and walked out, so it looked like just women and children who were leaving with the Americans."
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Mr. Nguyen

As Interviewed by W.N.
"What I learned is that failures do not count, only the success counts, even if it comes late, and it certainly comes if I never give up. For me, I could not live without freedom. Like Patrick Henry said, “Give me Liberty or give me Death.” I would rather die in the sea than live in a country where there is no freedom."
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Shirley Rhoades

Hannah Smith
"To me it didn't matter.They were still a patient."
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David Schneider

As Interviewed by Sam Benner
""The key to saving Sri Lanka's economy is the English language"."
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Virginia Raymond

As interviewed by Gabriel Salgado
"The question to me is not whether people have the right to be safe, but how do we get there? That’s the hard part. How do we create communities that are safe? "
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Pascal Baredste

As Interviewed by Stephen T.
"We had the right to not be killed, and that was it... "
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Lauren Martin

As Interviewed by Isabella Ricci
"The fence is absolutely devastating to border communities."
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Kari McDonald

As Interviewed by Hoyt Taylor
"Not that I’m less of a person, but that the world views me as less of a person, and that feels, to some degree, disenfranchised, not as relevant to the human race. "
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Sal Lopez

As Interviewed by Will Savage
"No-one has slushied me."
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Andy Campbell

As Interviewed by Rebekah Albach
"As a citizen of Texas, I feel that Texas itself is doing poorly in terms of making gay people equal to all other people, and trans people equal to all others."
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Steven A. Bethea

As Interviewed by Isaac Bethea
"And some of the things that Richard Nixon was saying about the war were untrue, and I knew for a fact they were untrue."
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Sarah Weddington

As Interviewed by Augie Stromberger
"TIME magazine, in 2003, named the 80 people who had changed the world. Of those, 10 were women. I was one, Rosa Parks was one—if you think about what she did, she refused to give up her seat on the bus. So, there are a lot of things you wouldn’t think of as being a real asset to social justice—hers was right time, right place, her age, the awareness that already been established of some of the problems."
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Richard Bernard Farrer

As Interviewed by Dylan Johns
"Apartheid is a source of shame for many, many South Africans, and it was a source of shame for me as well."
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Adaeze (Nne) Ezekoye

As Interviewed by Ify Ezekoye
"Igbos have been stigmatized and marginalized. The big social injustice is that to this day, Igbo people are not properly characterized -- only as troublemakers, based off of ethnicity."
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Carlos Penada

As Interviewed by Clara F.
"They left in 1960, originally in hopes to come back very soon, but that never occurred."
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Christine Bunce

As Interviewed by Bridget C.
"I think there is unfortunately something about human nature that we feel safest when we are with people that are like us... and it’s just harder to make room for people that are different."
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Bijan Masumian

As Interviewed by Nicky Nair
"The Baha’i faith is considered a heresy by the current Iranian government. "
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David Matustik

As Interviewed by William Goodwin
"When people see homelessness, they don’t see a person’s face."
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Neelima Mangabuttula

As Interviewed by Sweta Ganta
"There is no distance, or situation too great between best friends."
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Vanja Corovic

As Interviewed by Etienne D.
"It’s all about money. If you don't have money, you are nobody."
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Pamela McDonald

As Interviewed by Erin McDonald
"I think it’s important that workers have some power and even government workers need some power because otherwise they can get abused and taken advantage of."
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Jonathan Murr

As Interviewed by Spencer Christian
"A life lived in struggle is actually meaningful and worthwhile in and of itself."
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Sonia Ell

As Interviewed by Josh Geeslin
"I have always felt that I need to keep my religion, my belief, and to be proud of my ethnicity and who I am."
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Chuck Smith

As Interviewed by David Han
"There’s been lots of progress."
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Sylvia Herrera

As Interviewed by Xavier Herrera Jr.
"Every person counts. We have to recognize and reconnect to our humanity. We have to learn to treat each other with that kindness and respect that everyone deserves. "
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Chanro Park

As Interviewed by Kevin Park
"Park Chung-Hee received both extreme admiration and criticism."
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Simone Biow

As Interviewed by David Biow
"I think that there is a lot that an individual can do in Africa."
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Sherief Gaber

As Interviewed by Elizah Flores
"Whatever connection I had with Egypt was just screaming at me that I had to go. "
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Gad Ilan

As Interviewed by Hannah Ilan
"When Israel was born, there was a big war between Israel and all the Arab countries. At that time there was a lot of Arabs that lived in Israel, with the Israelis. They supported the Arab countries..."
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Adel Emam

As Interviewed by Harper Shapiro
"Everyone would have done the same."
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Kristina Pfeiffer

As Interviewed By Hannah Read
"Foster care takes a lot of patience. It was normal to me, my life"
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Jane Doe

As Interviewed By Anna S.
"I don’t believe in the possibility of a better life in Russia, at least not in the near future. Too many generations have been destroyed in the hope of such an idea."
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Quentin King

As Interviewed by Sarah Smith
"I just think [social injustice] is something that will go on forever."
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Regina Rogoff

As Interviewed By Hayden H. Price
"I wanted to feel like I had made a difference in life, not just made money. I wanted to be different from everybody else."
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Kholoud Hussain

As Interviewed By Max Chee-Garza
"People who try to do some kind of demonstration or protest or marches, or show any signs of dissatisfaction of the government or opposition to the government, means you’re not welcome and, basically, you’re in trouble. "
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Garland Robertson

As Interviewed by Jerod Bork
"Conflict is inevitable, and violence is an easy choice. The language of violence is used, but we need a language of respect to affirm the dignity of everyone."
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Rachel Akins

As Interviewed by Andrew Winkler
"Everyone should be able to have a house. That should be a human right."
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Jason Sabo

As Interviewed by Aaron Brodkin
"You have to have the support of both parties or your bill will not pass."
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Arnolds Pencis

As Interviewed by Emily P.
"Prejudices are taught; you are not born with prejudices. "
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Bill Cone

As Interviewed by Will Johnson
"I did not buy a hamburger from that man ever again. "
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Luis Llamas

As Interviewed by Cathleen Llamas
"Everyone deserves a second chance, no matter what."
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Grazyna Pyrek

As Interviewed by Daniel Pyrek
"That is why we did what we did."
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