Doreen Joffe

as interviewed by Emmet Benaryeh
"There was newspaper censorship and there was censorship of the books we were taught out of and in the books we could read."
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Lara Lampert

As interviewed by Adison Lampert
"The look on his face had so much anger and disgust. I was confused at what I had done. I was so unsure of what I had done to make this little boy angry, but then I realized that I had spaghetti straps on."
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Bakery Zoumanigui

By:Laurel Schultz
"We have all this technology all the resources we have smart people, you know, but people get so caught up with their beliefs and convictions,that it's hard to break that and be like hey let's have a civilized conversation about this. "
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Glen Maxey

As Interviewed by Elena Baldridge
"Some of these fights are continual, because people are humans and some people want to be superior to others. "
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Shannon Dennis and Sydney Minnerly

Isobel Buffum-Robbins
"I feel like I kept it hidden for may many many years because I didn't want to be bullied or picked on, I heard what people said in my small hometown in the 80-90s"
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Gabriel K. Tsang

As Interviewed by Zachary Lee
"In my life, I really experienced the hatred, the poor, the suffering, and no future."
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Nelly Blakely

As Interviewed by Kelly Blakely
"My parents were a big influence on my opinion of gender equality... they pushed me to finish college despite my gender. They knew I could do it and supported me the best they could... [Now] more women are becoming successful in jobs only men had... [Gender equality] would be a great thing to continue working towards."
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Glenda Cervantes

As Interviewed by: Alejandro Cervantes
"The captain decided to release her because he didn't want her to continue living that difficult life. Which is a life of running away, living in the mountains, hiding."
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As Interviewed by Dito M.
"I understand much more and I know now that those are problems that those people have. They're not mine. I see them as people who are ignorant."
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Jolene Grajczyk

As Interviewed by Jack Terronez
"When we walk out here after court in the evenings, I tell the people that I'm walking out with, we are so lucky, because it's such a great experience to be able to see the transition from level one to level three and then graduation. It's really an awesome opportunity."
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Shelton Green

As Interviewed by Erica M
"It's so hard to think that when we just go shopping that there could really be someone at the beginning of the supply chain that made that shirt that may be treated really, incredibly unfairly... The more and more research I did, it really got driven home for me that there really is this kind of underbelly part of these supply chains where people just aren't free."
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Cynthia Dobbs

As Interviewed by Max Dobbs
"We went through South Africa, and it was so shocking, because you were in a first world city, and then you would turn a corner and suddenly in a third world city, with townships and slums."
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Bernadette Phifer

As interviewed by Anne Franklin
"They had dogs there that were right on us. We were sprayed by the fire hoses... It burned when the fire hoses hit you."
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Cong Tran

As interviewed by A.P.
"You know, if it weren't for the Communists and their ideals, Vietnam would have become a better country in general. Because of the Communists, Vietnam would now need 20, if not 30 years to become as successful as a country like present-day Singapore. Even then, Singapore would continue to become more and more successful."
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Adama Brown

As Interviewed by Caroline G.
"I didn't know if I would end up with my face the ground and a gun to my back."
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Craig Hella Johnson

As Interviewed by Ellis Harlan
"There was nothing in my world that said this was positive thing if you are actually gay. ... I went on a journey of years and years, of trying to change myself. And I would go to doctors, and I would pray. And I would meet all kinds of people that thought they had ways to help. I tried anything I could see so I could be different and be straight."
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Sarah Goodfriend and Suzanne Bryant

As Interviewed by Eli Kuhn
"If you try to reach out with as much love and understanding as you possibly can to other people, they'll probably reach back with love and understanding towards you."
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As Interviewed by S.K.
"They would make discouraging remarks about my age. That I was too old to know this or know that. I think that’s not right because I didn’t tell them they were too young to not know something either, which would have applied. I think basically it says something about them and not about who they’re making the discouraging remarks to. I just wish it wasn’t here. I think there should be more understanding on both parts."
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Irma Alicia Velasquez

As Interviewed by Isabela Garcia
"I support the indigenous struggles and the struggle of indigenous women... The discrimination is still everyday in Guatemala right now."
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Don Fariss

As Interviewed by Sean Manners
"If I would say anything, it’s that the modern psychiatric hospital -- their purpose has changed. It’s to get the individual back into society as quickly as possible."
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