Courtney Santana

As Interviewed by Jessie Connolly
"I think because of this journey and this path that I was on, I have the mission."
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Leigh Holt

As Interviewed by Pearl McNabb
"The vibrations from the shuttle were so big that the fish would jump out of the water!"
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Nancy Kennedy

As Interviewed by Noah Kennedy
"You are basically punishing people for being poor, and we shouldn’t be doing that."
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Park Sang-Eun

As Interviewed by Sohyun Kim
"I had heard about it happening in the workplaces, but I never imagined it would happen to me"
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Lynn Greene-Rooks

As Interviewed by Sydney F.
"At this point in my life, I refuse to apologize for who I am."
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9/11 Attacks

Gus Lindell
"No one anticipated planes with 100, 200 innocent people to be turned into weapons, killing everybody."
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Erin Martinson

As Interviewed by Gavin Andrew
"The most important tool I have is my voice."
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Chuck N

As Interviewed by Charlotte B
"I think the in many ways it helped me grow stronger too because it made me realize what’s really important about me and it’s not winning the approval of everyone around me."
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Kenji Fukuhara

As interviewed by Morgan Pascoe
"It’s kind of a, kind of a nightmare to tell you the truth."
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Asmita Savalia

As interviewed by Jay R.
"It was very exciting to be a part of something where you were with other like-minded people."
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Mary Grace's Mission

By, Quentin Foley
""I think one of the reasons i got involved, is that, I was so, i was kinda afraid to be an activist then. I mean, it didn’t come naturally to me. And, so now it feels like i can now. I couldn't then, but I can now. I didn’t have the courage, or whatever at that time, or the sureness in myself that it was right, i just had so much indoctrination, i guess in my…. But now i can. I just have no excuse." "
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Lisa Scheps

As Interviewed by Hannah Cukierman
"The myth that this is for the safety of non trans identified students, is exactly that. It’s a myth. There’s no danger there for them. So with President Trump’s removal of that executive order, he doesn’t do anything to make other students safe and he endangers gender diverse students."
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Nani Drory

As Interviewed by Jane Fulton
"I had no grandparents; I had no uncles, no aunts -- they were all murdered by the Nazis in concentration camps. "
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Diagon Gaither

As Interviewed by Diego Little
"When you're told that you're not okay, that who you fundamentally are is not acceptable, it's easy to see the need to leave the planet."
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Munshoor R.

As Interviewed by Zeshan R
"Hate only brings Hate."
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Byung Woo

As Interviewed by Jonathan Woo
"The police shot a dozen tear gas, so I could not see a foot away."
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Teresa Laskosz

As Interviewed by Bella Wysocki
"Mainly we were fighting for freedom. "
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Michelle Lewis

As Interviewed by Adeline L.
"The issues and the problems that people with disabilities really run into is more of... almost like an obliviousness."
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Carol Furuta

As Interviewed by Mary E. Martinez
"It's really difficult to think that that happened to us, that that was… part of our history of Japanese people, and that something that was so wrong could happen, and I guess that's how it affects us."
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A. B. S.

As Interviewed by Vivian S.
"All feminists worked really hard to make sure that we have rights, and we can protect our own bodies, and now that's starting to be stripped away."
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Michael Y.

As Interviewed by Maya H.Y.
"No one is illegal. Money crosses borders, goods cross borders, but workers can’t cross borders? That doesn’t make sense to me. "
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Martin A.

As Interviewed by Noel A.
"He made the people more pressured and with more fear."
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Scott Snader

As interviewed by Cezi Ritter-Snader
"Could you imagine to have your partner in the hospital, dying of cancer or something like that, and for the nurse and doctor to say, 'Well you're not a relative, you can't come in to see your partner'?"
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