Lee Yeakel

As interviewed by Kat Reagan
"The government that governs best is the government that governs least."
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Doug Kilday

As Interviewed By Judge Baskin
"It was very much a spiritual experience and it was very much a sense that God was using people to accomplish God’s purposes."
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Brian Lee Ramos

As Interviewed by A.J. Ramos
"For the most part it was praise. Every comment that I've ever had has been one of that's-that's a pretty stand up thing to do. It's pretty-it's different."
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Emily and Shannon Spurgeon

As interviewed by Ava Spurgeon
"I do remember feeling glad we moved to New York when we did because I feel like if we were supposed to come after 9/11 we might not have gone, and I was so glad to be there, you know, in those years"
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Gilbert Tubahonye

As Interviewed by Sophia Dale
"I had a faith, I had a voice that kept telling me that I will be alright, that I will escape. "
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Diana Kropka

As Interviewed by Alexis Pool
"It was the size of a twin mattress, five feet tall post, all the way around it, and it was a cage."
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David Berwald

As interviewed by Abbey Stein
"They were viewed as an inferior people. They became a scapegoat for other people. I’ve always viewed it that any person who looks down on other people is wrong. I’ve accepted everybody and I try to be nice to everyone. "
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Mary Odom

As Interviewed by Asa Shepard
"It was like you weren't a full-fledged citizen."
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Susan Burek

As Interviewed by Leticia Ortega
"Priya was two, three, four, and five when I adopted her."
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Jenna Laube

As interviewed by Lola Galindo DeLeon
"You could see that they had never been exposed to it before, and that they were proud of themselves for learning."
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Jolan Hsieh

As Interviewed by Sophie Lee
"Continue to walk, continue to talk, continue to do what you believe."
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Jolanda P

As Interviewed by Diego P.
"It was a system based on lies, and it needed to be changed."
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Laurie Heffron

As Interviewed by JD J.
"A lot of the people I end up working with or the topics I end up working on tend to be communities of people who are marginalized or whose voices are silenced and who don’t have a lot of power in our society."
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David Kim

As Interviewed By Issac Kim
"To be honest, it's a nightmare to dream about my military service days."
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Jatinder Nath Vasisht

As Interviewed by Aayush Vij
"Civilian rights were ok! But they were just butchering everybody... I mean every Hindu!"
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Patricia Friar

As Interviewed by Flynn C.
"When I was doing things for the refugees, I felt happy. I was glad to be helping them, and I felt very lucky that I didn’t have to go through the same things they were going through."
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As Interviewed by Darren T.
"The Hukou system... is a direct cause of economic and social inequality... Lots of rural workers move to cities to get higher paid jobs... Their young children were left in the village to be taken care by grandparents... They usually suffer from psychological problems caused by the long term separation from their parents."
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Sreeni N.

As Interviewed by Aishwarya S.
"I believed that my fate, my future was based more on my caste than the merit of my grades. "
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DeDe Church

As Interviewed by Sam Church
"And because so many voices started coming together, more and more victims felt confident to speak up."
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Police Brutality

"I never looked at police the same way again."
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Jolanda Prozzi

As Interviewed by Eric Haney
"The neighborhood that I grew up in looked just like Hyde Park, except that everybody was white, and the houses are made out of brick... then there are large parts of South Africa where black people lived in very poor housing conditions -- shacks, mud huts, with no access to electricity or running water or sewage facilities."
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As Interviewed by Ned Yu
"This included taking your grandfather’s land and dividing it away to other people."
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Melissa Walker

As Interviewed by Simona Kao
"Well, most of the hospitals here in Austin are Catholic, so they wouldn't condone a single woman having a child out of wedlock."
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As Interviewed by R.L
"Of course, it can still be difficult -- male-female couples have issues and difficulties, but it is just not the same level."
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Kwee Lan T.

As Interviewed by Ryan Y.
"Entire villages died of starvation. It was probably the worst man-made famine in human history."
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Gopalsamy Ramaswamy

As Interviewed by Pallavi Gokul
"I was straight away, on the basis of my caste, denied admission."
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