Kellie Bailey

As Interviewed by Claire C.
"I have no intention of doing anything less than a 100% job."
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David Schneider

As Interviewed by Sam Benner
""The key to saving Sri Lanka's economy is the English language"."
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Brendan T. Wood

Kate Sheblak
"When I think of the term ‘social justice,’ I think of a societal belief in fairness."
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Fang-Wen Huang

As Interviewed by Justin Chen
"When I help people, I feel so blessed, lucky and joyful, because I am not the one in need of help, i am the one helping them."
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Steven A. Bethea

As Interviewed by Isaac Bethea
"And some of the things that Richard Nixon was saying about the war were untrue, and I knew for a fact they were untrue."
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As Interviewed by Leah Pinney

Nidhi K.
"Learning how to transform stress into energy makes it a powerful motivator."
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Michael Garcia

As Interviewed by Niels K.
"I assumed that everyone, when they went to a restaurant, they always ordered water and the cheapest thing off the menu; they didn’t order what they want."
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David Matustik

As Interviewed by William Goodwin
"When people see homelessness, they don’t see a person’s face."
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Vanja Corovic

As Interviewed by Etienne D.
"It’s all about money. If you don't have money, you are nobody."
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Ira Iscoe

As Interviewed by Adam Iscoe
"Being white didn’t mean that you were safe against prejudices and stuff."
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Clare Lozano

As Interviewed by John Walters
"I really felt called to explore what the church might be able to do so that there would still be programming in that place."
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Rachel Akins

As Interviewed by Andrew Winkler
"Everyone should be able to have a house. That should be a human right."
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