Caroline Boudreaux

Interviewed by Christina Winbigler
"Putting that starving baby on that wooden bed, I thought, 'Somebody better help these kids!' And that was the minute I created the Miracle Foundation."
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Kerri Gerrie

As Interviewed by Dresden Timco
"I saw how much it meant to these Africans that were so overwhelmed by us being there. And it meant so much to them that an American would care so much about them."
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Hazel Lenora Spradling

As Interviewed by Emerson S.
"There was a water fountain and water fountain there. One said 'white' and the other said 'colored.' That’s when I noticed it, but I didn’t understand it."
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Kinko Ogura

As Interviewed by Michael Masuo
"When I was little, there were people that we were segregated from called the Buraku people. I was not sure why these people were segregated from us, but we were told to stay away from them. Back then people thought that the Buraku people were kind of gross and not like normal Japanese people. When we walked through their area of town, we felt uneasy and a little bit frightened. "
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Rep. Elliott Naishtat

As Interviewed by Oona Moorhead
"They promised me San Francisco, but the government lied, and they sent me to Eagle Pass, Texas."
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Luc L. Lavier

As Interviewed by Theo Lavier
"Like all my friends, we all believed that because our parents were working class we would be, too, and the teacher just believed the same thing. It is a hidden injustice buried in the very fabric of the society."
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Steve Crow

As Interviewed by Max Genet
"There really isn't any person who shouldn't have access to medical care."
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Richard Hile

As Interviewed by Harrison Kuczaj
"We’ve started seeing the addition of power lines and, in some places, refrigeration. I think that’s one of the signs that our work is really making a difference."
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Ruben Vargas

As Interviewed by Manny Escobar
"I changed the path I was on."
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Liz Mueller

As Interviewed by Jake R. Paterson
"I don’t think in a country as wealthy as ours, that it’s okay for people to live in a place that doesn’t have heat or air conditioning. Or in a house that has really poor conditions. Or that forces a family to pay more than half their income for the rent."
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Marimel Ansdell

As Interviewed by Alexandra Andsell
"And before we got the food we had to sign a paper saying we would vote for them."
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Barbara Becker

As Interviewed by Max Becker
"Then in the 60s, it became a matter of listening to the speeches, observing on TV, knowing how limiting segregation was to the black people, and taking a side, and making clear your views that there should be equality for both races."
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Steve Elliott

As Interviewed by Simon Barrera
"It gives me a lot of perspective, as I said before, when you see the poverty that other people are facing, and their hardships. It makes you so much more appreciative of the situation you have."
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Leti Alvarez

As Interviewed by Madeline Jones
"Ever since I was young, I had the passion to help those who didn't have as great a voice as I do."
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Patricia G.

As Interviewed by Alec G.
"Education is clearly one of the most important factors to reducing poverty, and so we need to act as best we can."
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Rolando R.

As Interviewed by Pilar R.
"There were some gentlemen that were involved in that union [The United Farm Workers of America] that were apparently making, I call it noise, but striking and not working in the fields, for the low pay they were making."
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Stephanie Hamm

As Interviewed by Karina Gaul
"What do I recommend to young people about getting involved and making a change? Boy I wish I was young again, and could put myself in the position of young people because I think they have a very, very different experience. I just hope somehow, whether their parents are sensitive to the issues or not, that they can develop a sensitivity to other people’s needs."
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Nuri Vallbona

As Interviewed by Kachelle Kaufhold
"Sometimes I couldn't fall asleep because of the images from the camps. I just couldn't get them out of my head."
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Angel Werch

As Interviewed by Zev Mellon-Werch
"I often got the same answer. They needed everything."
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Olivia M.

As Interviewed by Vijay Veeraraghavan
"I think it’s important that everyone be treated like a human being, regardless of where you were born or what your financial situation is. That’s just basic, everyone needs that."
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Timothy Bertotti

As Interviewed by Edison B.
"Overall, it (USAID) has been extremely successful, and has potentially staved off wars in many countries."
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Zhongcai Zhou

As interviewed by Warren Zhou
"It is not necessarily true that rich people are happier than poor people."
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Nada Gavrilov

As Interviewed by Nicholas Ray
"When we got off of the ship, we were very happy. We were free, and we were free to work."
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Adolfo Alvarado

Luis Ramirez
"I come from San Luis de La Paz, Guanajuato."
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Ms. Cynthia LaFond

As Interviewed by Henry Borowski
"She needed someone to believe in her and trust that she had goodness and was capable. That’s all I contributed…and friendship. I was genuine with her."
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Jim Harrington

As Interviewed by Jordan Langmore
"Our economic structure is the basis of bias."
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