Steve Anderson

As Interviewed by N. J.
"These charities rely on fundraising and people to contribute dollars to keep them going and to help these kids to buy food to provide shelter, and to give them am education."
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Shannon Faye

As Interviewed By: Ella Gross
"Homeless people are human beings and by being human beings, we all share that common thread and hopefully that can at least start the idea that the homeless are people too and we should start treating them like people."
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Bridget Footit

As interviewed by Alex Garcia
"It was definitely an eye opening experience just to learn about what life is like in certain places or just in certain situations."
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Mark K. Updegrove

As Interviewed by Henry Brodkin
"Until you offer every American who’s able to vote the opportunity to do so, you don’t have a democracy…You’re not fulfilling your promise as a democratic nation, as a republic, unless you’re giving people a voice at the voting booth. "
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Carl Gregory

As interviewed by Alan Gregory
"I'm glad I didn't- I'm glad I listened to them, I'm glad I did things, cause if I hadn't, that would really be something to look back and regret."
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Regina Ball

As Interviewed by Lilly B.
"Seeing the people’s faces light up when you talk to them and interact with them can just brighten your day as well as theirs."
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Deana Henry

As Interviewed By C. T.
"I never thought about that, I wanted to work with people."
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Shea Gordon

As Interviewed by Wesley S.
"What are we going to do about this. These people are going to end up homeless. Think about how many people this is affecting. They work their whole lives to earn this retirement and we’re letting them down."
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Tina Carter

John Bosco
""None of my credentials make me an expert in generational poverty, but my experience does.""
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Terry Cole

As Interviewed by Lael Weatherby
"They really want the same things we want. They may have different ways of expressing it, but they want the same things."
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Charles Moody

As Interviewed by Andy DeGrasse
"The parents were very invested in their children’s education, but the downside was they could be very reluctant about the idea of seeing their child leaving their family for college."
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Sharon Bieser

As Interviewed by Maddie D.
"I would love for people to understand what it’s like to be a single mother, and very poor with no place to live. I don’t believe it should be happening in this country but it’s happening {in} many, many places and it’s happening very frequently."
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Patricia Schiaffini

As Interviewed by Jenny Lu
"There’s always this issue of not only tradition versus modernity, but also your own culture versus the imported culture."
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Richard Brose

As Interviewed by Cole McCrary
"... my father left my mother when she was pregnant with me, so when I was born my father wasn’t there, my mother was the only one to take care of me, I had an older brother and sister, and so without my father being there and without him there to earn a living we had difficulty having enough money to get by. That’s the situation as it started when I was a youngster. "
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Thomas Bacon

As Interviewed by Harriet Butler
"You could feel you were making a difference. However, a lot of what we did was sit around and wait."
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Timothy L. Bertotti

As Interviewed by Clayton Bertotti
"You are liable to get a fair shake here from justice and our system of government, which doesn’t always happen overseas."
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Ganga Nagindas Topiwala

As Interviewed by Rajan Topiwala
"We were full of excitement as Gandhi passed by our town, knowing that many were supporting the cause of independence and a hope for a better future. "
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John Kendall

As Interviewed by Ian McIntosh
"I could have eaten lunch already, and I ate his and he ate fish head. That was an example of how sharing they were. They had very little, but they shared what they had."
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Susan K. Dubois

As Interviewed by Peter Dubois
"When you’re talking about justice issues and poverty, things like decreasing the incarceration rate of black people, you have to empower black people to speak for black people."
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Pedro Torres

As Interviewed by Christian Torres
"Obama could not do anything because the economy was really jacked up."
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Will Hyatt

As Interviewed by Frances Brown
"You don’t want to judge other people. Get to know them first, and get into a conversation with them, and you might find that you have more similarities than differences."
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Heather Shaw

Interviewed by Paul P.
"We typically don't talk about faith because it’s not a mission type community. But one little girl was obvious about sharing her faith with me. And she actually said she was going to pray for me, even though I was there to help her. And first of all, that's amazing because she felt safe enough to actually be able to think about somebody else, to be able to think for somebody else, and that was really touching, but also really compelling."
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Amy Shepard

As Interviewed by Nick Venn
"One of the saddest thing I heard was a friend saying, 'I don't know if we will ever be ok.' So it is just by the grace of god that we weren't born in Rwanda. It's just our responsibility to help and try to do no harm."
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F. Scott McCown

As interviewed by Ben Villalpando
"I think the biggest challenge that we have, is that we live in Texas."
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Susana Pimento

As Interviewed by Nicholas Heinen
"Columbia is the only country that has an act of war for over 50 years. I am 47 now, so all throughout my life I have known war -- I haven’t seen a day without war."
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Raymond Ranker

As Interviewed by Leah
"In most places, I didn't understand the language, but I still felt that connection with people."
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Lisa Parry

As Interviewed by Isabelle Szepatowski
"We don't realize it, but every kid in America has a chance for school and has an opportunity to make something out of themselves."
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Mabell Killingsworth Sauls

As Interviewed by Calvin Williams
"We were proud and happy that the things turned out the way we did, because it gave us a new look on life."
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Mel Carter

As Interviewed by Delaney Carter
"So even though they are in extreme poverty they still help other people around the world. That's what I call good people. It doesn't even take me a half second to know that I would go back. It was the experience of a lifetime and I wouldn't trade it for anything. "
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Aamer Shaukat

As Interviewed by Alia Shaukat
"There was a lot of lack of worldliness, I won’t say ignorance, but lack of knowledge about the world in that small town."
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