Pat Brown

As Interviewed by Lucy Segerstrom
"" we were still good friends and we ran around even though she was rich and I wasn�t. ""
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Doreen Joffe

as interviewed by Emmet Benaryeh
"There was newspaper censorship and there was censorship of the books we were taught out of and in the books we could read."
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Elaine FabichJewart

As Interviewed by Helen Jewart
"From Hamburg, Germany, they sailed to the United States and came in at Ellis Island."
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Alex Vazquez

As Interviewed by Karen Wolf
"I've actually met a teen mom who was going to a school: Premier, and she was about to graduate. And she had a job at Target, and she had plans."
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Gabriel K. Tsang

As Interviewed by Zachary Lee
"In my life, I really experienced the hatred, the poor, the suffering, and no future."
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Delwin Goss

As Interviewed by: K.A.
"You actually see some of the rays of sunshine and the light of hope just from a little bit of volunteering. It's a pretty huge payback for what work you can put into it."
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Patricia Curry

As Interviewed by Braden Bradford
"Because it is like a culture."
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Emi Ashida

As Interviewed by Mandalyn Castleberry
"Imagine trying to pick up your whole house, when you were told that you could only bring one bag, and all that you would carry. That's what my parents had to go through, with their families."
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Stephanie Touchstone

As Interviewed by Nathaniel Smith
"Who’s tappin’ into the vocational talents of those kids who have gifts in their hands?"
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Rosa T

As Interviewed by Gilberto Trevino
"Being poor people is not bad, because you can make a strong life because you look for a job and you gonna work for money to live."
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Robert D. Batlan

As interviewed by Elijah Kleinman
"People would have died without the food."
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G. Dell

As Interviewed by Will DiCarlo
"You don't choose what you give, you give what you have, and that's every day."
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Cynthia Dobbs

As Interviewed by Max Dobbs
"We went through South Africa, and it was so shocking, because you were in a first world city, and then you would turn a corner and suddenly in a third world city, with townships and slums."
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Danny Henderson

Interviewed by Eleanor Hemenway
"For someone who had served in Vietnam and faced all kinds of dangers, this was something that I had never experienced, and it was terrifying. ... I don't know where I am sleeping tonight, but I know this won't last because I'm not lazy."
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Charles Bluntzer

As Interviewed by Tanner Hawkins
"It's hard to know if VCAM helps them out of poverty because you see some of the same people come back for food month after month."
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Fred Lewis

As Interviewed by C.L.
"You hear these people talk about what’s great about America. America is a great country, it's exceptional, blah blah blah. We're an exceptional country in education, because we were the first universal public education. But we forgot that. We forgot what made us great."
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Yamanda Wright

As Interviewed by Paul Schulze
"We (Texas Appleseed) are an organization that's focused on problems that affect underserved populations, and by that I mean low-income neighborhoods and low-income people, in many cases people of color who are facing racial discrimination, also children who often need more protection, and people who are eligible for special education services or people with disabilities. We look at problems that really affect those people unfairly, and we look for systemic solutions. By that I mean these large, far reaching solutions that affect a lot of people, like changing laws and changing policies, and changing the way the government works with those people."
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Dion Drew

As Interviewed by Zoe Walgren
"I was living in the projects from when I was one to thirteen, so I seen everything in the eighties. It was a lot of drug-selling, a lot of drug use."
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Stacy Stagliano

As Interviewed by Ian McKenna
"I think we need to get away from why people are hungry and focus on how we can help them."
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Patsy: In her own words

As Interviewed by Katie H
"World War Two broke out. All the blacks left Austin. I mean the jobs that they had were housekeeping, and that was about it. They all went north to Detroit to make a lot of money."
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Judge Amy Meachum

As Interviewed by Jackson Choyce
"You've got a lot of wealthy, educated people who may not relate, or understand, people who have struggle..."
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