Joan and Myles Duffy

As Interviewed by Finn Duffy
"I always felt that war was far away, but yes, I did have a fear that war would come to our country."
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Dragan Djurdjanovic

As Interviewed by D.D.
"As I’m very close to my home, I hit the bag against the stairs. And it breaks. And it starts leaking through the bag. I was so upset I started crying, because I knew, that that was worth… A lot. At that time my parents are getting literally one dollar a month. And I broke something that’s more, worth more than my parents’ [salaries]."
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Francisca F.

As Interviewed by Melissa F.
"Just because I'm Mexican, I feel like people look down on me."
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Joshua Choi

Kate Seon
"But these kids, who grew up with not as much you know, appreciate every little thing that they have."
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Whitney Bell

As Interviewed by Grace
"It was absolutely amazing we fed so many people. Nobody dared look in the bag, we gave out over 500 patatos that day and we only picked 90."
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Andrew W. Smiley

As interviewed by Asa Evans
"Everybody has equal opportunity to come to the market, but some folks need that extra little boost to make it equitable."
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Florence's Comfort House

Ryan Abou-Hamdan
"We have to be strong and we have to help more people now because of what's going on -- and I think this is going to make us stronger. It's going to bring the good out in the good and the bad out in the evil."
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