Mary Adams*

As Interviewed by David C
"I am not real sure, there was a lot of government assistance back in the 50’s so my mother and dad rented a house before he died and it was fifty dollars a month and we lived there and it was crowded because like I said I came from a large family but ... you know, we survived."
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Cathy Stone

As Interviewed by O. Greene
"There are a lot of systematic issues in our society that play a large role in the numbers of who is homeless."
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Alan Graham

As Interviewed by Sylvia R
"We understand homelessness. And we believe that the single greatest cause to homelessness is a profound, catastrophic loss of family."
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As Interviewed by Veda Surada
"Many farmers committed suicide because they have taken loans that they could not repay."
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Sandy Wicken

As interviewed by Brandon W.
"It was a young, blond, white woman who ... was nicer to the kids who didn't look really Hispanic."
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Jim Li

As Interviewed Tracy Li
"Instead of going out and eating, we would have to go outside and pick leaves to eat."
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Mira Belik

As interviewed by Josie Long
"We knew we would never be back home again."
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Andrea Brauer

As Interviewed by Nina Brauer
"I think there’s far too much gun violence in this country, and I think guns are way too accessible for the average person, and there’s not enough screening to ensure that guns are only in people’s hands that are trained or background checked."
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Mrs. Twinkle Gosselink

As Interviewed By Sophie Gershon
"The Salvation Army offers a hand to many homeless people who are otherwise invisible. I don’t know of another organization in Austin that focuses on those who are too often otherwise forgotten. "
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Rosalie Johnson

Interviewed by Auvry Johnson
"I remember that it was hard for us to get food, because you had to get a book and you had to have a stamp because everything was rationed."
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Maria Alarcon

As Interviewed by Joanna S.
"Well, I've seen in my past schools that the people who have more money or the people who look better are the ones who get treated with respect."
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Dan Levine

As Interviewed by Marianna P
"Think about your own experience living in the house you live in. You always know that you’re going to be able to come home to the same house every night. Stability, for adults and kids. Just to have a safe place that they know is home."
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Aurora Flores-Wolsky

As Interviewed by Varun Varshney
"My mom always taught me that having an education was the one thing that was going to get me out of the poverty that I was born into."
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Ruby Bline

As interviewed by Julian Felix
"At that time, you grew all kinds of vegetables in the garden because you couldn't afford groceries."
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William Fischer

As Interviewed by Natalie Fischer
"What we do, is trying to make a case that these programs really are important and really do help people a lot, because there’s lots of research showing that there’s just lots of people who need help. There’s just millions and millions of people who are, some of them are actually homeless, living in the streets."
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Brajesh Singh

As Interviewed by Aryan Singh
"I wanted to buy things but we didn't have the money."
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Rajesh K. Singh

As Interviewed by Krish Singh
"When I compare the last fifteen years and prior to that, there have been several government programs."
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Hector Hernandez

as interviewed by Hector Hernandez
"it was a beautiful, it was a very cool time to be alive"
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Patricia van Staveren

As Interviewed by Sage Willmore
"Some of it was pretty horrific. But you’ve got to have witnesses -- and a lot of the times in the more affluent areas, there are no witnesses."
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