Erin Martinson

As Interviewed By Caroline Crosnoe
"I'm motivated by the injustices that I see in our society, the patriarchal undertones of our society and how women often don't have a voice."
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Corinne Sumpter

As Interviewed by Franny Thompson
"They decided to step in and make decisions for women like 'you must leave your husband, boyfriend, whatever.'"
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Susan Siegal

As Interviewed by Gabriel Syed
"You never have a complete view of history. You have a snapshot of history. The question is, through that snapshot, can you prove your case?"
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As Interviewed by L.A. Jones
"Some people see black people as intimidating."
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Inbal Hasbani

As Interviewed by Noa Adelman
"You are helping defend either sometimes innocent victims or sometimes not innocent victims -- sometimes guilty victims, but everybody deserves a defense, you know."
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Kristin Taylor

As Interviewed by Pierson Taylor
"The power to take somebody to jail should be used wisely by the police officers, and as citizens we should make sure that we are respecting the law and aware of our surroundings to prevent ourselves from getting out of that kind of trouble."
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