Kathi West

As Interviewed by Rachel F.
"In the old days, they used to say this perpetrator doesn’t have any money at the time of the sentencing, so the judge won’t order any restitution. But what if they inherit it or win the lottery? Couldn’t touch it."
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Amit S.

As Interviewed by Jongwook Mah
"There wasn’t really much for the people who wanted to earn honestly."
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Morgan Caruthers

As Interviewed by Ella Carlander
"I genuinely believe that they will forever be impacted and hopefully impact the world through this experience. "
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Gherghina Buican

As interviewed by Gloria M.
"The communist regime was one of the most cruel periods that a human being could endure. There was no right to express your feelings, to talk freely, or to be able to make your own decisions. There was no freedom, everything was abolished"
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Don L. Davis

As Interviewed by Audrey Davis
"Our contention was simply that it was a medical problem. He was not a criminal, he was an alcoholic. He was addicted, and that was a medical condition that should be handled in the medical arena and not the criminal arena. "
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Dan Brinks

As Interviewed by Andrew Lewis
"As a university teacher, many people think that all I do is lecture but actually I don't do that very often. I mostly do research for different projects."
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Roberto Canas

As Interviewed by Taylor McCarthy
"My philosophy is that if they are truly a first time offenders, then let’s really send the message the firsts time so that he doesn't come back."
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Donna Beckett

As Interviewed by Evan Hildebrandt
"I definitely have a different attitude towards it [a child or teenage case] because I view it as a chance to educate the child on the laws, so if a child comes to court charged with shoplifting or charged with a curfew violation, then I view that as an opportunity for the child to learn what the curfew laws are, and an opportunity for the child to learn what the repercussions of a theft conviction might be."
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