Fred Burns

As Interviewed by Leah Rowan
"I don't think there's anything as fascinating and rewarding as what I do."
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Bob Perkins

As Interviewed by Luke Thiessen
"My daddy was an American history teacher, so I grew up around all those books and my dad basically took the position that you had to fight for the right things. If he saw something going on that he thought was wrong, you would definitely hear about it. I’m certain that he would approve of what I do, in terms of fighting for [the right] things. "
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Sister Helen Prejean

As Interviewed By Walker Holmes
"Everybody is worth more than the worst thing they've done..."
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Jeana Lungwitz

As Interviewed by Willa Scanlon
"My clients are my heroes. They can withstand amazing odds. These people are amazing to me."
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Sandra Joy

As Interviewed by Paul Gold
"I firmly believe that the death penalty is being used by politicians to get people to fall in line. "
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Meg Clifford

As Interviewed by Cristina Ricci
"Every single child can get a great education, but we're not doing everything we can to make sure that goal is fulfilled."
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Jennifer Greene

Marcel G.
"There’s a lot of unfairness out there and we’re working to try to make the world more just, we’re working to make people more comfortable to come forward when they've become a victim of a crime, we’re working to try to have people become more aware of what crimes there are."
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Joe K. Longley

Patrick Fox
""I represent individuals just like you or anyone else who might walk into my office. I don’t represent corporations, or insurance companies. As a matter of fact, I’m usually suing corporations and insurance companies.""
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Rebecca Lightsey

As Interviewed by Caroline Hemphill
"A real key piece of it is educating teachers and principals and school administrators that this is happening, this is real."
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