Pankil Matalia

As Interviewed by Ashna Bhansali
"The first thing that came to mind is that I forgive everybody in this process."
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Edwin Colfax

As Interviewed by Schuyler C.
"The most fundamental problem was, a number of people had been convicted, and sentenced to death, and later proven to be innocent."
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Jon Evans

As Interviewed by Jackson E.
"Well, you know, I got involved representing people that were facing the death penalty because I was concerned about the level of representation. There has been a lot of press over the years about bad lawyers representing people facing the death penalty not getting very good and adequate representation."
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James Beeler

As Interviewed by S.B.
"Everybody thinks they’re right and when you go into court of law, your job is to convince someone who’s already made up their mind that they’re wrong."
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Sarah Eckhardt

As Interviewed by Emma C.
"Texas isn’t very generous to people. We have a very low per capita expenditure in state funds and local funds. So often times people who have mental health issues or are living in extreme poverty end up in the criminal justice system which unfortunately is the only place they can get services in Texas."
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Raul Garza

As Interviewed by Michael Rodriguez
"And I told her that I didn't feel that that was right, what she had said and that it was racial and she was kinda' profiling a person."
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Commander Donald Baker

As Interviewed by Walker K.
"When the name Rundberg is not a negative name, and people think of it as a place to go, that will be success."
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Chris Peele

As Interviewed by Katie Peele
"Most of the criminals I’ve dealt with were not evil people."
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Sharon M. Sevel

As interviewed by Ivan DeHaas
"It’s a different age now. Police brutality wasn't as big of a problem in the ‘60s and ‘70s as it is now, where the police departments are the enemy. But when you come right down to it, police are trying to deal with people that break rules. "
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George Siddall

As Interviewed by Max Moran
"Profiling is a word that’s been made into something bad."
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Michael Morton

As Interviewed by Kaya Fagerstrom
"But we’re not here in this world to just be comfortable, just to be nice and fuzzy and warm and friendly. We’re being improved, and the tough things you go through -- those are the things that help you. Those are the things that mold your character and your heart..."
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