Tony Plohetski

As interviewed by Catie G.
"I will always remember what I was doing that night."
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Peggy Cleaves

As Interviewed by: Lucy Sugawa
"There were bloody bodies, dead people lying around on the campus."
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Trudy Strassburger

As Interviewed by Soren Colfax
"There have been other DNA Labs across the country that have had problems, but the Austin DNA Lab nationally is seen as the worst. What was happening here was worse than any other city in the U.S."
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Nancy Kennedy

As Interviewed by Noah Kennedy
"You are basically punishing people for being poor, and we shouldn’t be doing that."
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Melissa Williams

As Interviewed by John Savage
"These men aren't monsters, they’re just like you and me. "
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Stephanie Cisneros

As interviewed by Maddy C
"You always know there is going to be that one time when they decide they don’t want to go back and we are there for them when that happens. "
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Rebecca Fleming

As Interviewed by Megan F.
"I think every single person has something redeemable about them, it may not be something that's showing right now, but there's something in that person's life that you can find that makes them, you know, worthy as a human being."
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