James Harvey Lederer

As Interviewed by Kat Duende
"It's a job that you don't leave at the office."
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Cara Crouch

As Interviewed by A.L.
"People are increasingly bad at being able to accept something that’s not exactly what they want, and that’s an incredibly powerful thing."
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Amy Ponder

As Interviewed by Lincoln Ponder
"So Families Count is a parenting class that fulfills the parenting class requirement that the parents have to go through. "
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Wanda Muehlbrad

As Interviewed by Maida Acker
"I think most rewarding is that we, maybe someway, gave them their first security."
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Elizabeth Mary Regan

by Eleanor Barrett
"And after you finish talking to this sixteen-year-old, you think ‘oh my god, she’s running this family’."
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Patricia van Staveren

As Interviewed by Sage Willmore
"Some of it was pretty horrific. But you’ve got to have witnesses -- and a lot of the times in the more affluent areas, there are no witnesses."
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Vivek Nagaraj

As Interviewed by Jai Nagaraj
"I just felt fortunate that I didn’t have to be carrying bags of cement."
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