Allison Wetzel

As Interviewed by Aidan Henderson
"Everyone needs to know it is not okay to abuse someone that is young, and if they know about it, they need to tell someone."
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Katie McKay

As Interviewed by Jacob Switek
"I teach in a way that teaches students how they can be agents of change in the world."
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Juan R. Valadez

As Interviewed by Riley Simpson
"I remember telling this one kid in particular – ‘The world is full of people who are going to trying to knock you down. You can’t help them.’"
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Cynthia Levinson

As Interviewed by Mary Griffis
"I ended up writing a book about the Children’s March because as soon as I found out that children were being attacked by dogs and hit by hoses, then I knew I wanted to write about the Children’s March."
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Dominic Solis

Cameron Solis
"Everyone we work with has a story and deserves to be treated with respect and dignity and I think that's one thing that we provide, a place for people to go to when they think they can’t do anything else."
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Diana Davis

As Interviewed by Caelynn Moon
"They didn't need a friend, they needed an adult that they could trust, and look up to."
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Roberta Tsukahara

As Interviewed by Ashley Gonzales
"So, their mission was to find homes for children who were not wanted."
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