My Sister

As Interviewed By Fallon B.
"I don't think it's really fair that we have to just sit around and do what we're told, even if we know it's not right,"
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Pastor Lynnae Sorenson

As Interviewed by Rachel Cox
"The common language of the world is not love. The common language of the world is not music. The common language of the world is suffering."
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Sara E. Saltmarsh

As Interviewed by Eshita S.
"Life and liberty, when you are looking at going to jail for not having a lawyer or proper representation."
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An Interview With Anna

Zayne Lumpkin
"It changed my life forever."
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As Interviewed by Laura Butler
"I think everyone should be able to get help. If you're courageous enough to admit that you are a pedophile, and to seek help for it, then… then, you know that's big and people shouldn't overlook that, people should take that into consideration and evaluate that person’s character."
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Commander Donald Baker

As Interviewed by Walker K.
"When the name Rundberg is not a negative name, and people think of it as a place to go, that will be success."
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Pam Iorio

As Interviewed by Nate Carlson
"You have young people who find themselves in a situation where their family is torn apart, they don't have much money, they don't live in a good neighborhood, they don't have positive role models. That's a young person with potential, but without the right guidance might not ever realize their full potential."
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Pablo Escamilla

Sophia De Leon
"Education. There is no better investment."
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Gloria A. Garcia

As interviewed by Valentina G.
"I remember asking kids sitting next to me, ‘What is the teacher saying? What is she saying, I don’t understand’ -- and the teacher would snap and say, ‘Remember, you’re supposed to be speaking English!’"
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Jack Nowicki

As Interviewed by David Dawson
"What is most misunderstood about at-risk youth is the belief that people are just rotten kids or that young people have the ability to make rational choices or can choose what is right and wrong. Kids brains are not developed enough to make logical choices."
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Gab Bonesso

As Interviewed By Ethan O
"I think you should lose your privilege to social media, that's how serious this is."
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