Trasi Judd

As Interviewed by: Alexa Judd
"My parents didn't plan to have me, I think I was a bit of an accident. But they had me anyway, and when I was growing up they were pretty distant."
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Sue Rummel

Meg Rowan
"You need a sense of humor to teach, and don't get too mad about things. "
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Susan P.

As Interviewed by Sophie N.
"We get very moving letters from the grandparents of whoever the caretaker is for the child--how the child might go to bed with the CD, or the CD is played everywhere they go, and how happy it makes them."
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Mariel Stotts

As Interviewed by: Alex Yang
"Normally, in the United States, I don't ever feel like people don't think that I can't do certain things because I'm a woman, or that I can't go certain places, or that I may not have an opinion that's as valid as a man's opinion. I've never never really felt that before here in Austin, but in Nicaragua, I did feel that way."
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Darlene Byrne

As Interviewed by Amelia Roberts
"So I think I look at the world in a much more hopeful light than I would have, had I not done this docket because I’ve seen people with so little, with everything stacked against them, survive and thrive…"
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William Bennett

As interviewed by Evan Scariano
"I punched the tape recorder and broke the tape. She comes back about a week later and finds the broken tape, and she said,I've got go to some meeting, but when I get back, I'm gonna tear your hide, I'm gonna beat you. So she left, and I left."
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Libby Cravens

As Interviewed By Ashton Wong
"We need to be telling girls, 'Yes you can'."
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Shelly Molina

As Interviewed by Valeria O.
"I think the good news is that we're reaching an age where you can see a lot of successful Russian adoptees and other international adoptees because they are now becoming adults. People are able to see that they are functioning adults. And the more they see that, the more the stigma goes away. "
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Corinne Sumpter

As Interviewed by Morgan Simmons
"I realized I liked to be the person who stood up for someone."
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Ann Hart

As Interviewed by Emily Thompson
"What’s hard about it -- what is really hard for the parent -- is they don’t always get the help they need because it's not available and that makes them mad and discouraged and kind of angry. People get angry at the system because they have to push so hard."
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Maria Elena Dominguez

As Interviewed by Cristal Martinez
"...I decided to attend just to learn more about it because, she was undocumented and she was going to college and I wanted to do the same!"
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