Amrit Topiwala

As Interviewed by Kiran Topiwala
"The white always looked down on us, and not only that, they wanted us to be left uneducated so they could subjugate us."
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Juana G.

As Interviewed by Dylan Baldridge
"Sometimes, I will find out that one of my friends was undocumented, but they would never tell me."
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Stephen Plaisance

As Interviewed by Andrew Plaisance
"Leading from the front is what leaders should be doing, always setting the example..."
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Lillie Corle

As Interviewed by Amy Reed
"We were all just there to get our education."
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Paul McCord

As interviewed by Ian McCord
"I had friends who rode the bus to school, I rode the bus to school, so I didn’t get why the other kids couldn’t ride the bus to school."
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Katie McKay

As Interviewed by Jacob Switek
"I teach in a way that teaches students how they can be agents of change in the world."
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Luc L. Lavier

As Interviewed by Theo Lavier
"Like all my friends, we all believed that because our parents were working class we would be, too, and the teacher just believed the same thing. It is a hidden injustice buried in the very fabric of the society."
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Mouin Fattouh

As Interviewed by Janette Fattouh
"[They] became a resident while I couldn't because I followed the law."
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Veronica Castro De Barrera

As Interviewed by Bonnie Adams
"Little by little I was able to build beautiful friendships and I was enrolled in a class called ‘English as a second language’, which was a safe haven for all the immigrates and foreign language students who were participating in this class. So we become almost like an extended family in that class and that was beautiful years.."
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Juan R. Valadez

As Interviewed by Riley Simpson
"I remember telling this one kid in particular – ‘The world is full of people who are going to trying to knock you down. You can’t help them.’"
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As Interviewed by Sarah B.
"A lot of things that people say the first time they meet Morgan is; 'What's wrong with her?'"
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Rosa Hernandez

As Interviewed By Eduardo H.
"It was very helpful the choice of my parents bringing me here at a young age."
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Jean L. Turner

As Interviewed By Dabrelle Dickson
"You never look at the person’s skin color, but you look at the person."
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As Interviewed by Lena T.
"We had comments said to us like, ‘You Mexicans need to go home.’ Well, we weren't very sure what that meant because we aren’t from another country. We were born and raised here."
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As Interviewed by Jose M.
"We do have a bit less freedom. First of all, it’s harder to get a job and I guess it’s also is harder to get a driver’s license. Those are the two things that bother me the most."
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Jobert G. Harris

As Interviewed by Nika Sarraf
"As I said, it’s hard to understand it unless you experience it, me describing it doesn’t adequately paint a clear picture for you. If you can imagine walking into a store, and being shadowed just because of the color of your skin, if you can imagine standing at a counter and being ignored just based on the color of your skin, if you can imagine being asked to get up to give another member of this society access to something just based on the color of your skin, if you can imagine being denied access to something or access to a particular facility in public, just because of the color of your skin, if it can be assumed about you that you actually know nothing, just based on the color of your skin, then that’s the tip of the iceberg when it comes to describing some of the aspects of racism."
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Vicente Sanchez

As interviewed by Anthony Sanchez
"Freedom has a price that some pay dearly and never take it for granted."
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Paul Buntyn

As interviewed by Abby Bourgeois
"I would go to church during the week, but on Friday nights I found myself on my way to listen to Malcolm speak."
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Christine S.

As Interviewed by Eric S.
"To get a good assessment for a subtle disability, one that doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb, you have to have an outside party."
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Mr. Singh

As Interviewed by Shivang Singh
"I believe that education should be equal for everyone."
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Mike Martinez

As Interviewed by Y.V.
"Everybody on the City Council, right now, every single one of us, loaned ourselves money to get elected. And I don’t think you should have to do that; I think that if your dirt poor and want to run for office, your should have a fair shot at running for office."
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Olivia M.

As Interviewed by Vijay Veeraraghavan
"I think it’s important that everyone be treated like a human being, regardless of where you were born or what your financial situation is. That’s just basic, everyone needs that."
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