Rita Lucio

As Interviewed by Jonathan Churchett
"I think unions have gotten weaker. I think people think that they’ve outlived their purpose, but there’s been a lot of instances where I think, what would this have been like without the union to represent us?"
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Janice Caroline

As Interviewed by Patrick Miller
"The economy was very, very bleak. The economy, I mean, pay would have been very minimal and my dad worked very hard."
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Rolando R.

As Interviewed by Pilar R.
"There were some gentlemen that were involved in that union [The United Farm Workers of America] that were apparently making, I call it noise, but striking and not working in the fields, for the low pay they were making."
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Adolfo Alvarado

Luis Ramirez
"I come from San Luis de La Paz, Guanajuato."
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Josie Ruedas

As Interviewed by J.M.
"I think that I was work too hard and not fairly paid enough."
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