Deborah Nations

As Interviewed by James K.
"CEOs need to realize that by not leveraging women at leadership levels, or throughout the organization, they're really only leveraging half the population."
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Patricia Merrill

As Interviewed by Grant McCasland
"I want to be able to say that I lived my life in such a way that my children and my children's children had lived in a democracy and had enough."
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Joe Lopez

As Interviewed by Andrew Lopez
"They told me, you just got to eat."
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Rosalinda Stephens

As Interviewed by Caleb C.
"We were at a dinner and she made the comment – ‘Oh, we have to be careful not to let Mexicans into our society’ -- sitting right across the table from me!"
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Walter Hinojosa

As Interviewed By Erich M.
"People don’t realize that we are responsible for the child labor laws, that we are responsible for the 40-hour workweek and overtime pay. Those are things that the labor movement fought for years ago, along with some very decent salaries for many of our workers."
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Pedro Torres

As Interviewed by Christian Torres
"Obama could not do anything because the economy was really jacked up."
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Yolanda O. Torres

As Interviewed by Elisabeth Torres-Schulte
"They understood that I was one of the top students and that I was very involved in school, but they still said, ‘You know, the local junior college is a good place for you to go.’"
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Amber O'Rourke
"When you stop and think about it and find out they were not being paid very much money, it's sort of shocking, and it made me want to do something about it."
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Oscar Armenta

As Interviewed by Xitlali Armenta
"The general management treated the Hispanic employees differently than the white employees, basically exploiting them by making them work after hours and late shifts."
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