Guadelupe S. Ruiz

As Interviewed by Milla Gary
"We just had to get up early in the morning and we all bunched up in a truck, like migrant workers, and they took in a ride to the field where we were having to make bundles of onions together, put them together and we would pack them up."
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Beryl Kerwick

As Interviewed by Kate Kerwick
"She said, 'I don't want to sit next to a sweaty old scrub woman that might come and sit next to me.'. Well, then I said to her, 'But that woman is probably in more of a need of sitting down and having a rest than you are because you've been sitting in an air conditioned office all day and she is, if she is a scrub woman, she's been working very hard physically.'"
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Anne Lewis

As Interviewed by Iris RenterĂ­a
"I was supposed to be a scientist. I went off to Berkeley to study Physics, and all through high school I did that, but I also wrote a lot, played the piano, had other things I liked to do. I dropped out of school, went to Mexico for about a year, and then came back knowing that I wanted to be a filmmaker."
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Santiago Alayo

As interviewed by Andrew Gonzales
"Fighting for our rights was an amazing experience."
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Alejandro Moreno

As Interviewed by Adam Switek
"I think the big problem is that it's been since 1986 that there was the last immigration reform, so we're talking about three decades of people living here in the shadows."
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