Jean Cleary

As Interviewed by Samantha M.
"And one I can mention is that a provision in the administrative manual allowed my employer to terminate my employment if I became pregnant."
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Roberta Cogswell

As Interviewed by Elliott Sorensen
"Anybody who wanted to serve their country would sign up!"
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Dale Bordman Fink

As Interviewed by Kaleb Aziz
"By the way, my first salary - $87.50 per week for a 35 hour full time week. Seven hours a day, five days a week. $87.50 before taxes. Of course, there were taxes taken out of that. After 90 days, I knew that I would go up to 100 dollars a week, which was $5200 a year."
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Sandy Wicken

As interviewed by Brandon W.
"It was a young, blond, white woman who ... was nicer to the kids who didn't look really Hispanic."
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Juan Gutierrez

As Interviewed by J.A
"We're going to work, we're not going to a party."
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Allison Orr

As Interviewed by Eli Appl
"I was sitting in the school cafeteria and I looked up and I saw a man washing windows. I thought it was the most beautiful movement I had seen all semester."
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Jackie Gaylord

As Interviewed by Jace Castleberry
"I had a black supervisor who told me that 'you're the only other one, the only other person other than me, who understands what prejudice is.'"
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Linda Kelly

As Interviewed by Mary Hendrix
"So I’m very aware that most of the people I work with are at least ten, if not thirty years younger than I am, ...but I just try to confirm to them that old dogs can learn new tricks."
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Sharon James

As interviewed by Kai Suggs
"Then he told me at one point that he had access to my personnel files, and he could go to HR and you know, mess with them. And then finally he said sooner or later you are going to have to sleep with me, and at that point I started looking for a new job."
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