Thomas Harrington

As Interviewed by Charlotte R.
"We were without power for about eight weeks, and with all the trees that blew down and everything, we got power back earlier than expected."
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Sid Morris

As interviewed by Lyle Morris
"We rescued 21 on the first pass, then went back and got 11."
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Bo C.

As Interviewed by Aibo F.
"Stay and play inside the tent for the whole day and sleep in the tent for whole night, that for me, it is very fresh and very interesting at the beginning time."
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Mohammad Sharif

As Interviewed by Abdullah Sharif
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As Interviewed by Luella Bowersock
"The entire slope broke off."
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David Carlson

As Interviewed by Eliana H.
"This tsunami came in, and hit the land, and destroyed many villages, and destroyed a lot of property. It also got to the nuclear reactor..."
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