Daniel Prath

As Interviewed by Lily Prath
"The biggest take away that I have is that most people in the world are good, and most people in the world have, you know, they just want to be safe, and live, and let their kids grow, and have a life. I think that this would knock down a lot of these crazy political walls that we put up between each other."
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A. Kulathooran PIllai

As Interviewed by Rishi C
"So many people lost their lives. So many people lost their children."
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Sheri Innerarity

Anna Eastin
"I could see from the devastation that there were going to be patients somewhere."
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Cassandra Chang

As interviewed by Trevor Yu
"Sometimes we think we have control of things, but sometimes we actually have zero control."
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Mannuel Bruner

As interviewed by Martin D.
"They may have lost everything but they were happy that they were still together and still alive. "
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Rosalba Belman

As interviewed by Jimena Martinez
"I had nowhere to live, no car to drive, and I had three girls that I needed to get to school."
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Katherine Ellis

As Interviewed by Quinlan Huh
"You know people respond to disaster in different ways. You have some people who are kind of in denial. They don’t really want to accept that they’ve just lost everything they own. There other people who process it well. They grieve, but they also recognize it’s just stuff and they’re still alive. There are also the people who kind of can’t process it at all..."
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Donald Simon

As Interviewed by Isha S
"No one expected anything like this to ever happen. My mom has been in the house for over fifty years. The roads never flooded."
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Angi Menell

As interviewed by Ethan M.
"At the time, a lot of people weren’t showing up, but they were sending items – but they were sending random items, so you would have tons of diapers but just no babies to give the diapers to."
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