Natalia L. Lunina

As Interviewed by Fedor A.
"Mother never helped me with education, because she had no time to. She worked, sometimes in shifts, and in the evenings learned in school and college. She was very busy. I learned in school and took my knowledge from there. School taught me, and shaped me. "
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Yinghong Li

As Interviewed by Amy M.
"He carried at least 30 pounds of potatoes and walked a length of a 15-hour train ride just to give them to my dad."
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As Interviewed by R.R.
"But when the Communists came, they took everything away."
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Gladys Washington Fernandez

As Interviewed by Franky Fernandez
"I don’t know if I want to see the Cuba that is destroyed right now compared to the Cuba that I knew. "
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Nhung Truong and Ngan Lam

As Interviewed by Thien Doan
"We didn't know when he would come home."
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Patricia Schiaffini

As Interviewed by Jenny Lu
"There’s always this issue of not only tradition versus modernity, but also your own culture versus the imported culture."
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Ramon Morejon

As Interviewed by Sarida Morejon
"Nobody knew that day of all that was to come, but what we did know was that it was a Revolution and that it came with ideas of how to fundamentally improve the majority of the population, which was poor."
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Ballint Dezso

As Interviewed by Natalie Dezso
"the Russians built their fence, and the only arms we had was the Molotov cocktail."
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Liu Su

As Interviewed by Dillon Liu
"For China, I think that the Cultural Revolution was one of the growing experiences for all Chinese people."
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Myle Buchanan

As Interviewed by Aleah Haight
"We progressed down the fishing dock, acting all casual, and all of the sudden there was this woman that looked like a beggar, she bumped into me and said ‘Run!’"
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