Mr. Hung Hua

As interviewed by Ananya Venkateswaran
"My parents were business people, so our family was classified as one of the worst citizen class in the country."
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Aleksandr Ostrovsky

As Interveiwed bt Ava B.
"In, I don't remember, ‘74 or ‘75, the Communist party of Russia decided that desire to leave the Soviet Union is a symbol of mental illness—you must be crazy to decide to leave the Soviet Union"
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Robert C.

As Interviewed by Juan Ceresa
"I was born in Cuba, and this is the first time I have left Cuba, so I have lived there for my whole life. My childhood in Cuba was like any other childhood in Cuba, an education that was strictly controlled, that was heavily influenced with politics. This was not unusual with his generation, those who were raised out of the 1970’s. "
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Dr. Binh Truong

As Interviewed by Patrick Connor
"This is a wonderful country, it's a big country, has lots to offer and I still have not had the chance to see all of it, yet. ...This is the best country I could ever be in to raise a family, so many opportunities and resources available, I didn't take it for granted at all."
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Jan Ludvig

As Interviewed by Max Adrian Schmidhauser
"People were being shot in the streets. The Russian soldiers made a circle with tanks around the plaza. One of the Russian soldiers took out a machine gun, and there were a whole bunch of Czech people yelling at the tanks telling them to go home and that the Czech people didn't want them here. The young Russian soldier with the machine gun emptied his whole clip into the crowd of people, murdering dozens."
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Eva Neuling

As Interviewed by Tara Lassiter
"I’d visit back home in the summertime, over break, but in order to do that I would need an interzonenpass, and that wasn’t something given to everybody. Sometimes it would work, sometimes it wouldn’t."
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Les Bryant

As Interviewed by Rigel Sidhipong
"War never solves anything."
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Bill R. Hill

As Interviewed by Robin S.
"It would be nice for everybody to ‘coexist,’ but it’s never going to happen. There’s always going to be wars. If we want our way of life, we have to fight wars."
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