Bruce Gilbert

As Interviewed by Olivia Gilbert
"It cost us a lot of soldiers and lives and so forth but I would have to say it was probably worth it, if any war is worth it"
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Hans W. Baade

As Interviewed by Alan Baade
"You could still see a good bit of bomb damage, but that was taken care of relatively quickly."
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Gabriel K. Tsang

As Interviewed by Zachary Lee
"In my life, I really experienced the hatred, the poor, the suffering, and no future."
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Grazyna P.

As Interviewed by Gwen Park Markert
"Because when you look now in those east countries and see Putin and what he does with Ukraine, that wanted to join Poland and all those communities. It never happened and it still cost them so many lives and it's still going on. I think it's important just to cherish that. And to know that there are people all the time that still don't have those freedoms. "
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Jacqueline Lavier

As Interviewed by Lily Lavier
"Anyway at the time girls were automatically sent to study to become secretaries or seamstress' or things like that. But it was often secretary. It was normal for the adult not to ask our opinion too. It was like that."
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Cong Tran

As interviewed by A.P.
"You know, if it weren't for the Communists and their ideals, Vietnam would have become a better country in general. Because of the Communists, Vietnam would now need 20, if not 30 years to become as successful as a country like present-day Singapore. Even then, Singapore would continue to become more and more successful."
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Defen Chen

As interviewed by Crystal Zhou
"When somebody mentioned the Japanese, people knew that they were invaders and that they took advantage of the Chinese people."
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Aniko Paul

As Interviewed by Christopher Kellar
"My sister and I tried to escape the first night with a group of people, and we had to walk in December in very cold and snowy weather, and the rest of our group was caught by the Russian tanks. And my sister and I fortunately escaped by hiding in a ditch. We spent the night in the ditch, and the next night we tried again and didn’t succeed, but the third night we actually succeeded. We never found out what happened to the other people who were caught."
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Annabelle Trabanino

As Interviewed by Javi K.
"We believed in our cause."
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James Fitzpatrick

Jessie Buchanan
"And the thing was is that they could shoot over the wall at you, but you couldn't shoot back to them because you know, you were a guest in their country."
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