Carla Barringer Rabinowitz

Zoe Rabinowitz
"It was like being in an airless dungeon--there was no free air to breathe. And it was all dead, worn out, and dreary. The Prague Spring just opened it up, like opening the windows and letting the fresh air and sunshine in."
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Lillian Kao

As Interviewed by Belinda Lin
"It's better to run and live in a free country than live in a Communist country."
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郝俊 and 常春

As interviewed by Edward Hao
"... only when you respect the knowledge and the teacher can the country and youth learn and advance..."
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Teresa Laskosz

As Interviewed by Bella Wysocki
"Mainly we were fighting for freedom. "
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Hui Liu

As Interviewed by Jason Ren
"But I don't think he knows how to build a modern country -- and his personal life was terrible! "
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