Jennifer Foucher

as interviewed by Caroline Foucher
"It was very, very rural. It was in the hills, sort of the foothills of mountains. When I arrived, it was January and there was a ton of snow on the ground. It was freezing cold."
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Mira Belik

As interviewed by Josie Long
"We knew we would never be back home again."
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Norma Bonazzo

As Interviewed by Alex Eleftheriades
"For the military that there were so many dead soldiers that they did not take their time like you do here in the United States -- you do so much things for them to say ‘Thank you for serving.’ Over there -- no. They would leave you close to the trash cans and somebody would pick you up."
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George W. Pearson

As Interviewed by Naomi P.
"In East Germany the people walking by [were] kind of keeping an eye on you knowing you were from the West -- but they couldn’t talk to you."
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Mike and Pat Holy

As Interviewed by Michael A.
"We were told by television to pack a bag and have it by the front door, ready to leave at a moment's notice if the sirens went off."
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