Susan K. Dubois

As Interviewed by Peter Dubois
"When you’re talking about justice issues and poverty, things like decreasing the incarceration rate of black people, you have to empower black people to speak for black people."
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Norman Hanson

As Interviewed by Thomas Wilson
"You see something like this and what do you do? You drop your coat, you roll up your sleeves, and you clean up your friend."
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Amy Shepard

As Interviewed by Nick Venn
"One of the saddest thing I heard was a friend saying, 'I don't know if we will ever be ok.' So it is just by the grace of god that we weren't born in Rwanda. It's just our responsibility to help and try to do no harm."
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Marilyn McCluskey

As Interviewed by Abigail D
"When you’re young, if you really want to do something, you should try and do it, because as you get older, it’s much harder to do what you might want to do."
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Melissa Nicholson

As Interviewed by Dani Levy
"We cannot be ignored. We cannot, as women, be overlooked."
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Martha Thurlow

As Interviewed by Max Gaynor
"Around the early eighties, the drug ciclosporin came out, and ciclosporin was mainly used then to prevent infection, which was the worst part of having a transplant -- that’s what gave people the most problems."
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