Steve Crow

As interviewed by J.G.
"Hopefully someday, we will decide that we want to be able to take care of more of our Texas citizens and allow for them to have access to medical care, to medicaid."
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Jonathan Sayer

As Interviewed by Evan Sayer
"Our ultimate goal in the hospital is that everyone that comes through the door is able to discharge home in a safe way."
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Kevin Dwyer

As interviewed by Annabel Dwyer
"Whether they are being shot at or not, these young people can be called on to be sent somewhere to do the humanitarian work for the rest of us."
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Jubilee Barton

As Interviewed by Clarissa M.
". . . I, and many other physicians, believe health insurance is a basic human right, especially in a wealthy country like ours."
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Silvia Bhuiyan

As Interviewed by A.K.
"Not everybody can say they’ve carried little babies around in a little basket and gone down to the morgue and put them in a little refrigerator."
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Millie Clark

As Interviewed by Arden Floyd
"I think that this choice is just between a woman and her doctor. Because, I feel that if we start taking those choices away, what other freedoms will we lose?"
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