Ajith Nair

As interviewed by Akshaya Ranjit
"Often times at my age, my peers, my fellow workers, we're all focused on advancing into the perils of life."
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Hannah Gordon

As Interviewed by Alden Little
"I think everyone should have healthcare regardless of how healthy you think you are, because you can never determine what will happen, and it can be pretty catastrophic and ruin the rest of your life."
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Helena Way

as interviewed by Leena Jere
"They do treat me differently. They treat a little bit like an out-of-control child... most of the time."
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Monica Asencio

As Interviewed by Carlo Maples
"Ninety percent of what these clinics provide is preventative care, family planning and education. That means life-saving cancer screenings and the reduction of unplanned pregnancies which means a decrease in the need for abortion. The testing and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases is also crucial to the public safety of our communities."
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Don Fariss

As Interviewed by Sean Manners
"If I would say anything, it’s that the modern psychiatric hospital -- their purpose has changed. It’s to get the individual back into society as quickly as possible."
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