As Interviewed by WA
"People... want to be involved in... the destruction of the mental health stigma."
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Doug Ulman

As interviewed by Lane Loudamy
"Life is very fragile and every day is really special"
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Lois Smith

Maya Martinez
"When I look back on it, I donĀ“t look at it with sadness. I look back on tuberculosis as a learning experience. I wouldn't be who I was now if I was never diagnosed."
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Anahita Jalilvand

Shanja Ferdous
"Sometimes people think that doctors only look like old, white-bearded men and this obviously isn't the case anymore."
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Richelle King

As interviewed by Alexandra Watson
"Cecile Richards, the current president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, founded TFN in 1995 because she noticed this rise of ultra-right conservatism in Texas, and she knew that, in order to combat it, there needed to be an organization solely dedicated to being a watchdog of the religious right here."
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Dr. Karen Swenson

As Interviewed by Sydney Yium
"A lot of patients, when they would be confronted by having to sign this consent about having their fetal tissue buried, it really upsets most of them. "
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Paula Jackson

As Interviewed by Vivian Craft
"There were two large towers or buildings. And all of the black patients were taken care of in one of the buildings, and all of the white patients were taken care of in one of the other buildings."
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Dr. Neelima Paladugu

As Interviewed by Chatur Vallabhaneni
"It wasn't every girl that got encouraged to not be a housewife. I was the first woman from my village to leave the village and get a medical degree."
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Kathy Bolstorff

Elliot Word
"It's pro quality of life."
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