Lee Yeakel

As interviewed by Kat Reagan
"The government that governs best is the government that governs least."
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Brian Lee Ramos

As Interviewed by A.J. Ramos
"For the most part it was praise. Every comment that I've ever had has been one of that's-that's a pretty stand up thing to do. It's pretty-it's different."
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Chase Cunningham

As Interviewed by Hays Turner
"My first outing was to go to Baskin Robbins and have a scoop of chocolate peanut butter ice cream and not have to worry about taking an insulin shot after or testing my blood sugar, and that was really my first introduction to what life would be like."
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Diana Kropka

As Interviewed by Alexis Pool
"It was the size of a twin mattress, five feet tall post, all the way around it, and it was a cage."
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Linda Carpenter: In Her Own Words

As Interviewed by Avery Evans
"Everything got better because they had access to care."
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Elsie Jean Wortham

As Interviewed by Gabi Patt
"I always felt good if I thought that I had done a good job that day and cared for that person. Whether the person lived or died, just to be kind and you know just to give them as much care and love as you could."
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Dr. Jessica Dapper

As Interviewed by Ava Dapper
"A lot of times the poor will actually want to be discharged from the emergency department even if it isn't in their best interest because they don't have the resources to even, you know get health care."
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Sarah Fontenot

As Interviewed by Amelia Taylor
"And that’s a good example of how crazy people are about this law. "
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Janet Paleo

As Interviewed by John LaMair
"And it was the first time I could say that I was glad to be alive. And I thought that people should not have to wait for 42 years to be able to say that..."
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Dr. Juan Guerrero

As Interviewed by Gabriel L.
"We need try to help. We might only be able to help a few people but a few people is better than helping no one."
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David Peters

As Interviewed by Carson White Wenner
"Even if you put the clock in front of me, I wouldn't turn it back."
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John Augustine

As Interviewed by T.E.
"I served a year in Vietnam in 1968, and that was a very active period over there."
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