Thomas Harrington

As Interviewed by Charlotte R.
"We were without power for about eight weeks, and with all the trees that blew down and everything, we got power back earlier than expected."
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Natalie Davis

As Interviewed by Ella Williams
"I guess I did cry once."
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Luo De Liang

Darlene Lai
"It was not one individual who changed the city, it was a group effort."
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Diana Ventura

By Neha Kamble
"I told people that we have a responsibility as human beings to help those in need"
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Karen Miller

As interviewed by Alice Beckett
"They’d been alone for a long while but they didn’t really feel completely free..."
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Walter "Skip" Frick Cox

As Interviewed by Miloni Patel
"Being in the military gives you a chance to serve something bigger than yourself."
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Leila Wood

As Interviewed by Nathaniel Heffron
"One thing that is really important to remember about the women that live in these shelters is yes, they’ve experienced abuse and they’ve experienced trauma. But that doesn’t define them. What defines them is their personality and the way that they are just like you and me."
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Riley Brown

As Interviewed by Owen Brown
"I want them to make big dreams and to actually believe that they are accomplishable and to take steps to accomplish them."
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Deanne and Ingrid Croan-Ellerbee

As Interviewed by Aidan Mitchelson
"All social change comes from people who either have a change of heart or feel more comfortable talking about their actual beliefs."
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Joshua Choi

Kate Seon
"But these kids, who grew up with not as much you know, appreciate every little thing that they have."
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Amy Atchley

As Interviewed by Mason Jones
"It's one of the best experiences of my life."
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Melissa M

As Interviewed by Emily K
"I mean, we don’t have the right to decide if they live or die."
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Mike Kaviani

Ryan Seiler
"Recently, a puppy had been found dragging herself down the road because she had been shot in the back, and had a bullet lodged in her spine."
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Andrew W. Smiley

As interviewed by Asa Evans
"Everybody has equal opportunity to come to the market, but some folks need that extra little boost to make it equitable."
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Susan Adams

As interviewed by Jana Lassiter
"I found that really encouraging and a testament to how every voice counts. "
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Miles P. Fischer

As Interviewed by Sam Fischer
"Sarajevo had been a major war zone, there had been a lot of fighting for several years, and pretty much everything was blown up."
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Colonel Brij Mohan Malhotra

Rohan M.
"It always seems impossible unless it is done."
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Coni Stogner

As Interviewed by Connor Stogner
"There's a common misconception that domestic violence in particular, or sexual assault, are women's issues in that it's women would work to end this -- and that's so not gonna be how we can end these types of crimes and these types of abuse."
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Deliana Garcia

As Interviewed By Isabel Held
"I'm old enough to have grown up in Texas as a woman of Mexican descent, to have experienced lots of episodes of racism."
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Kayla Marquez

Anna Schlett
"Despite everything, you gotta keep going."
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Marie Evans

As Interviewed by Jillian Evans-Strong
"Some of the children I will remember today, and that was like fifty-something years ago."
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Christopher Burns

As Interviewed by Billy Flukinger
"Very healthy young men were coming down with an illness and then dying within months..."
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Efrain De La Fuente

As Interviewed by Nathan Sheu
"...that really showed me that even though you may not have all the money in the world, or have the best education, that you can always find justice..."
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