Daniel Prath

As Interviewed by Lily Prath
"The biggest take away that I have is that most people in the world are good, and most people in the world have, you know, they just want to be safe, and live, and let their kids grow, and have a life. I think that this would knock down a lot of these crazy political walls that we put up between each other."
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Mark Carder

As interviewed by SJ Naftel
"We were in The White House and spent an entire day looking for the spot where I would take his pictures, and two days later I met with the president for about an hour and a half."
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Joshua Thompson

As interviewed by Adam Reisman
"I didn’t start running until my freshman year of high school."
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Ian Crocker

As interviewed by EL
"I feel like this is the best way to help people with what I’ve gone through in my life, and to help them learn from the lessons that I learned."
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Joshua Ajayi

Peter Sadibo
"He said to himself, he said 'I need to do something about this situation'."
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Michael Natenberg

"These Palestinian kids... they haven't actually seen the ocean even though it's only 45 minutes away. "
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Mike Metke

As Interviewed by Ethan S
"Education really is more a matter of opportunity so some folks who are very, very bright and might change the world just never get a chance to get that education."
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Janet Paleo

As Interviewed by John LaMair
"And it was the first time I could say that I was glad to be alive. And I thought that people should not have to wait for 42 years to be able to say that..."
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Genevieve Dell

As Interviewed by Bo Bednar
"Americans look at Africans differently than they look at African-Americans."
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Patricia Macy

As Interviewed by Catherine Bircher
"I think so because if you only know people living in poverty as “them,” or the other, or someone who's on the street, or someone who’s begging, or someone like that, and you never have a conversation with them and find out, they’re just like me."
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Austin Interfaith Volunteer

As Interviewed by Will Bolduc
"For me, the exciting thing about Capital IDEA is there was a study that showed that in families who have this Associate’s Degree, their children all went to college, which I think breaks the back of poverty."
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Jerry Adams

As Interviewed by Ellyce D.
"The FBI will be the ones that will come in and help them."
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Michelle A

As interviewed by Ali A.
"Organizations like this make sure they don't get left behind."
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Dr. Juan Guerrero

As Interviewed by Gabriel L.
"We need try to help. We might only be able to help a few people but a few people is better than helping no one."
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Karen Prairie

Addy Prairie
"I believe, that people are naturally good, and that these kids are good, and that if they could just be pulled into something else, then they wouldn’t fall into gang life."
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Marissa Vogel

As Interviewed by Sahana S.
"...it really helps to make people realize that homelessness is not necessarily just the guy on the corner you see that's at the the stoplight asking for money with a sign."
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Erin Argue

As Interviewed by Elise Ponder
"I think that everyone deserves a fighting chance in life. And sometimes people aren’t always equipped with the resources necessary on their own, and I’ve always wanted to help make sure that I can help the people who don’t always have the means to help themselves."
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Rich DePalma

As Interviewed by Gabriel DePalma
"If you are a kid and you don’t have the opportunity to access a lot of academic programs, then it was meaningful. If you are a teacher and you want your salary increased, then it was meaningful."
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Gonzalo Barrientos

As Interviewed By Luke Foster
"And going out there, I started noticing when I was five or six years old, the differences in people. I asked why we couldn’t go into the restaurants or the cafes -- as we called them then -- and they said that it was because they didn’t serve Mexicans. I didn’t know anything about that. ‘What? What? you’re a human being!’"
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Dani Levy

As Interviewed by Gabbi Levy
"The government... definitely should be trying to do something more than they are right now."
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