Jim Li

As Interviewed Tracy Li
"Instead of going out and eating, we would have to go outside and pick leaves to eat."
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Nilesh Sangani

As Interviewed by Vedant Sangani
"First time I started comparing how we had things done in US and how things have been done in India, it was radically different."
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Rosalie Johnson

Interviewed by Auvry Johnson
"I remember that it was hard for us to get food, because you had to get a book and you had to have a stamp because everything was rationed."
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Ruby Bline

As interviewed by Julian Felix
"At that time, you grew all kinds of vegetables in the garden because you couldn't afford groceries."
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Monica Boulton

As Interviewed by Jonas Feighner
"People didn’t migrate to other countries because we were always wealthy because of the oil."
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Olive Gilbert

As Interviewed by Graham Gilbert
"He stayed with them his whole life because they hire him when he needed to be hired."
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Zelalem Negash

As Interviewed by Nuhamin Dagmay
"I understood that we were not able to do this, but I hoped one day I could be able to buy as many jellos as I wanted."
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