Sarah Martin

As Interviewed by Will S.
"And it was the smell of the fires, initially, but once the fires subsided, then was the smell of - dead things. "
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Sunni Markowitz

By: Laney Stephens
"Stay true to who you are and what you believe in."
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Harold E. Dayton

Cole M.
"I thought I was being mistreated because I had to work all the time but as it turned out that was the best thing that ever happened to me."
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Marjo Rogers

As Interviewed by Kepler Huntress
"She one time, she scared me half to death and started chasing me"
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Charles Gregg

As Interviewed by Evan Henderson
" do very well when everybody else is doing very well..."
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As Interviewed by Darren T.
"The Hukou system... is a direct cause of economic and social inequality... Lots of rural workers move to cities to get higher paid jobs... Their young children were left in the village to be taken care by grandparents... They usually suffer from psychological problems caused by the long term separation from their parents."
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Sreeni N.

As Interviewed by Aishwarya S.
"I believed that my fate, my future was based more on my caste than the merit of my grades. "
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As Interviewed by Julia C.
"...When I was a kid there [was] not enough [food] and a lot of people around the country [did] not have enough food to eat."
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Jade Morrison

As Interviewed by Amelise M.
"I was treated differently many times."
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Erin Argue

As Interviewed by Elise Ponder
"I think that everyone deserves a fighting chance in life. And sometimes people aren’t always equipped with the resources necessary on their own, and I’ve always wanted to help make sure that I can help the people who don’t always have the means to help themselves."
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Vivek Sarda

As Interviewed by Ansh Sarda
"So you have to imagine, 40 percent of the population is coming from the caste system, and they had 87 percent of the seats. So the rest, 60 percent of the population, had to apply for 13 percent of the seats."
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Meirun Lu

As Interviewed by Anthony Lu
"The Chinese tradition was, no matter where you are, no matter how far away you are from your family, Chinese New Year was always the time you come back for your family reunion..."
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