Nhung Truong and Ngan Lam

As Interviewed by Thien Doan, March 15, 2014
"We didn't know when he would come home."
Nhung Truong and Ngan Lam

Introductory Profile: About Nhung Truong and Ngan Lam

I interviewed my grandmother, Huong Truong, and my mother, Ngan Lam. Huong is currently 61 years-old and has lived in South Vietnam for nearly half her life. She has four children who now live in Austin. Ngan was living with her mother in Vietnam for almost half her life. Huong now lives in Austin,Texas. She was raising her young children at the time when her husband was taken to the camps. The topic was about post-war oppression how she handled raising three children alone.

Huong is about five feet tall and has wrinkles. She has light tan skin because of Vietnam’s environment, mostly sunny and hot. Huong loves cooking and gardening. She is a very open person, often telling stories about her past experiences. Ngan is a bright and kind woman. She is 39, and she loves to cook and garden.