Myle Buchanan

As Interviewed by Aleah Haight, March 20, 2014
"We progressed down the fishing dock, acting all casual, and all of the sudden there was this woman that looked like a beggar, she bumped into me and said ‘Run!’"
Myle Buchanan

Introductory Profile: About Myle Buchanan

Back in the 1960s, Vietnam was a hard place to live. Myle Buchanan has witnessed this firsthand. I met Myle when I played on a soccer team with her son. Myle is a small Vietnamese woman with dark, straight hair. She is very open, optimistic and funny.

Myle talked to me about her parents and grandparent's life, their several attempts to leave Vietnam and finally her own escape story from the communist controlled Vietnam. The story itself is sad at points, but Myle brings life and depth to it, speaking very openly about her ordeal and not forgetting to point out the good parts of her childhood. The story was riveting from the moment began to speak; I am amazed by the bravery and tenacity of Myle and her family.